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September 22, 2008


428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Michael Norman, Secretary; Karen Hogenboom; Chris Prom, John Wagstaff; Beth Woodard; Greg Youngen; Visitors – Rod Allen, Scott Walter; Kim Matherly, recording


1.     Questions

There have been questions about print-on-demand machines similar to the ones implemented at the University of Michigan. Can the Library get some of these print-on-demand machines? There is a new model of these machines coming out in January. Betsy Kruger is investigating possibilities for the Library.


Will Oak Street guidelines be revised now that stage 2 is completed? Tom Teper is overseeing this revision.


Is anyone working as the entrepreneurial officer? Not at this time.


Katie Newman stepped down as the Scholarly Communications officer. Sarah Shreeves has been handling the Scholarly Communication issues including the Library’s blog.


New NIH policies have raised some issues about depositing. How is the Library reacting? Alex Scheeline, chair of the Library Senate Committee will examine open access issues beginning with the meeting in January.


2.    Minutes from September 8, 2008

Minutes were approved with changes.


3.    Campus Awards for Excellence in Public Engagement nomination – due Oct. 6

Nominations for individual and team will be made for this campus awards.


4.    1:45pm – Rod Allen – Budget

Rod discussed the budget with the group and answered their questions regarding the Library’s budget and funds available in the academic pool for future hiring of faculty and academic professionals for FY 2008/2009.


5.    2:30pm – Jeff Schrader – Feasibility report

Jeff said he is expecting an initial report on mechanics and construction by KJWW Engineering in the near future. The Library will review the report in the next month.


The Main Library & Undergraduate Library Facility Planning Group met with the Divisions, UGL staff, and AULs to discuss the Scholarly Commons area. They also discussed instructional space with Beth Woodard and Lisa Hinchliffe. The group will be posting documents for review to their web page soon.


Regarding other facilities projects, Jeff informed the committee that the second phase of Oak Street has been completed. 108 Hort Field Lab will be renovated for the Google project. 314 Library has been restructured as an online classroom, with CITES doing the final tweaking before making the room available. There will be training to learn to use the equipment. The UGL interior project is approaching completion and includes new furniture for patrons. The UGL electrical upgrade has gone out for bid and it is expected the upgrade will begin during winter and spring breaks. Fire suppression for UGL and main will be finished by the end of September.


A group has been appointed to look at energy conservation in the Library. They include Alvan Bregman, Lee Galaway, Kathleen Kern, Jeff Schrader, and Tom Teper.


6.    Position Priorities

Positions were discussed. New position requests will be posted to the EC website. An email will be sent out the Library announcing the new position requests and call for comments.


7.    Provost Communication #17 – Program for Multi-year Contracts

This item was deferred to another meeting.


8.   Council of Deans Report

This item was deferred to another meeting.