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Executive Committee



July 6, 2009


428 Library



Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Beth Woodard, secretary; Karen Hogenboom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; Greg Youngen; Visitor -Janis Johnston; Kim Matherly, recording



1.                1:30pm - Janis Johnston

Janis Johnston attended the meeting to discuss a personnel issue.


2.                Approve June 25, 2009 Minutes

Approved as amended.


3.                Questions

Do we need a search committee for the Coordinator of Digital Content Process and Access? A committee was suggested. Paula will contact the individuals to serve.


Any news on the budget? None.


Several personnel issues were discussed.


Do we need a search committee for the Interim Head of Reference? Paula will contact the individuals to serve.


4.                Replace faculty member for sabbatical on PRC

This was decided.


5.                Items discussed at faculty meeting

a.     Library Organization Working Group charge and membership - Mischo, Jacoby

b.     Position titles -Hogenboom, Prom

c.     New Service Models

d.    Faculty Governance --Mischo, Norman

It was decided that Faculty Governance would be the most important topic. JoAnn & Bill will open the discussions about Library Organization Working Group charge and membership. Karen and Chris will talk about Position Titles. Bill will send out relevant older documents for the Faculty Governance discussion.


Paula has asked for comments on the NSM and will email libnews for additional comments before sending to the Provost.


6.                Planning Teams

a.                Applied Health Sciences Planning Team

b.                Biology & Life Sciences Planning Team

c.                Geology / Earth, Society, and the Environment Planning Team

d.               International and Area Studies (IAS) Library Planning Team

e.                Literatures, Languages and Textual Analysis Planning Team

f.                  Social and Behavioral Science Planning Team

The Senate Executive Committee is looking at these. Once the Executive Committee has a response from them, EC will discuss.


7.                O pportunities to collaborate with UIC

This will be discussed at another meeting