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Executive Committee



June 1, 2009


428 Library



1.     Approve May 26, 2009 Minutes

Add to 2 nd paragraph in Questions:  The New Service Models plan will be discussed at the next faculty meeting.


Minutes were approved as modified


2.    Questions

A request was received from untenured librarians for training sessions on library research.   What constitutes "research," the research process, and research methodologies are topics of interest.  It was suggested a revision of R. Burger's workshops on research be provided.

Is there a strategy for filling upcoming staff retirements?  Are we able to hire new staff?  Moving displaced library staff to open positions is an option.  Also, the Budget Group has identified priority areas: CAS, CAM, digitization projects, etc.  Requests and justifications for replacements and new positions should be submitted to the Budget Group.

The new Planning Team document was introduced and briefly discussed.  It will be a topic for the next EC meeting.


3.    Reference / Government Documents Head

It was recommended that the position description be changed to full time (100%).  The incumbent's appointment ends Aug. 15, 2009.   There are currently 6 reference librarians.  Do we want to add another position to Reference?  It was suggested that we identify someone internally to fill this position on an interim (up to one year) basis.  We could then request a permanent position be added to Reference starting in 2011.  Several names were suggested for the interim head.  They will be contacted for potential interest.  Paula will submit a new position request.


4.    Literatures, Languages, and Digital Humanities Team

It was requested the original name be reinstated: "Literatures, Languages and Textual Analysis Team."  There is concern about the expanding role of the team as the charge develops.  The primary goal should be to develop a plan to better serve the users in these areas, not necessarily merge libraries.    There is also a need to include the information needs of linguistics, especially digital linguistics, in the team charge.   It is recommended that the team charge include, but not necessarily be limited to, the libraries identified in the charge.  Also that D. Kibbee be consulted.


5.     Assessment Coordinator

This is a half-time (50%) internal position and a candidate has expressed interest.  It needs to be decided to whom the Assessment Coordinator would report.  It may depend on the assessment - services, collections, outreach, consortia activities, etc.  Also the position would need to work with the Assessment Committee.  EC asked Paula to confer with the AUL's to develop a mutually agreeable position description.


6.     Position Titles

There are several position titles used by faculty and academic professionals that inappropriately, or inaccurately, describe their current positions.  EC has developed a request for input for standardizing the position titles (positontitles.doc 05-04-09).   This document will be sent out to faculty and ap staff.


7.     Digital Life Cycle Coordinator

Potential candidates for the DLCC position (50% FTE) were discussed.  An individual was identified and will be asked if interested.   The "Coordinator" part of the title is no longer applicable and will be dropped.  Also, this is a change of assignment, rather than a new position, for the person accepting it. 


8.   Review of vacancies, potential vacancies, sabbatical coverage

            a) Sabbatical coverage

                 b) Retirements

                  c) Other vacancies


      Documents providing sabbatical coverage were reviewed and approved.


9.  Committee Assignments

      See attached document


10.  Pros and cons of removing duplicate copies of serials from the                                 collection

      Greg and Michael have a meeting with Tom Teper scheduled.  They will report at   the next EC meeting


11.  Library Organization Working Group charge and membership

      A topic for the next faculty meeting.


12. Topics for next EC

      Government Documents Coordinator position