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Executive Committee



April 27, 2009


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Beth Woodard, secretary; Karen Hogenboom; Chris Prom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; John Wagstaff, Greg Youngen



1.     Approve April 15, 2009 Minutes

Minutes will be approved at the next meeting.


2.    Questions

International and Area Studies Working Group has been discharged and an implementation team will be charged.


There were questions about why the Faculty meeting was canceled. The Faculty meeting was canceled because there were not enough agenda items.


Where are things with the Government Information Team? They will be bringing forward a request for a unit head position for a combined unit. The team is working on recommendations and a request for a coordinator of Government Information Services.


Where are things with the Instruction Services Librarian position? Beth Woodard will be meeting with Cindy Kelly. The position has been approved and it is planned that the person hired will begin by December 16, 2009.


            A spousal hire has been approved.


Where are things with the search for UGL head and head of preservation? Informal conversations, including expectations per the review policy, have begun.


A personnel issue was discussed.


3.    Action Plan/Discussion

A lot of feedback has been received from the open meetings. The action plan draft will be sent to EC Wednesday. It was requested that the document be posted to Library faculty when EC receives it.


The action plan was discussed and the committee will wait to get the draft before further discussion. Once the draft is ok'd, it will go to the Provost.


The committee discussed the pros and cons of removing multiple copies of serials from the collections. Greg Youngen will talk with Tom Teper and work on a recommendation for this.


4.    Assessment Coordinator- Paula

The committee began discussing this issue and will continue discussions at future meetings.


5.    Collections Coordinator

Deferred to another meeting.


6.    Position titles -Karen and Chris

Deferred to another meeting.


7.    Unit heads and the Bylaws-John

Deferred to another meeting.


8.   Library Organization Comments

The committee discussed this at length. It was determined, based on feedback, that this group and its membership needs to be re-charged. Bill and Chris will work on re-writing a new charge and bring it back to the committee. The committee also thought it might be a good idea to invite RTG to a faculty meeting or a forum.


9.    Scholarly Commons Coordinator position comments

No comments were received. The group asked Karen Hogenboom to proceed.


10.     Review of vacancies, potential vacancies, sabbatical coverage-Beth

a.    Sabbaticals-coverage

b.    Retirements

c.    Other vacancies

Deferred to another meeting.