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Executive Committee



April 15, 2009

1:00-2:30 pm

428 Library              


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Karen Hogenboom; Chris Prom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; John Wagstaff, Beth Woodard, secretary; Greg Youngen; Bill Mischo


1.     Approve April 10, 2009 Minutes

Minutes were approved with changes of wording in item #4 and the addition of the meeting time.


2.    Question Time

Progress on some of the internal searches was discussed. 

There was a question about President White's message.  Paula noted that this is merely a communication to the university community.  There is no guarantee that the legislature will follow these recommendations.  There was some discussion about the budget at the University Administration level.

Paula gave a brief preview of the highlights that the architect will present at Friday's meeting.


3.    5y Reviews from Faculty Review Committee

A 5Y case was reviewed.


4.    Scholarly Commons Coordinator position

JoAnn made minor changes, and also included wording to indicate that the coordinator may also serve as a lead.  Paula noted that all three committee members have agreed to serve.  The document will be put up for review with comments due next Wednesday.  Once comments are received and addressed, EC will vote.


5.    Digital Life Cycle Implementation

This report has been promised for the next meeting.


6.    Titles of Faculty Positions.

It was noted that 7-10 people have "assistant librarian" in their titles.  A small group will look at faculty titles, and suggest some principles for titles, including subject coverage and function.


7.    Faculty Appointments

A position statement on when AP appointments are appropriate was approved by EC in April 2005.  It was pointed out that AP management responsibilities were not addressed.  A small group will look into this.


8.   Area and International Studies Team

The group did not specifically address needs of humanists who emphasize the study of literary texts
and textual analysis.  Paula talked to the Senate Library Committee, where several individuals
expressed enthusiasm to look at a broader view of literature. JoAnn will draft a charge, and
several folks were suggested as team members. The members of the Team will be discharged and
thanked for their service.  A Planning Team will be charged to continue their work, drawing on some
of the members from this Team.


9.    Government Information Team

The group will be asked to create a unit head description.  Even though the group was not yet submitted a final report, there was some discussion of whether the original group should be discharged and an implementation team appointed.


10.          Bylaws Regarding Unit Heads

John met with the Bylaws Committee and will draft a document for EC review.  There was a suggestion to decouple the unit head and AUL evaluations.


11.  Full Professor Peer Review Committee

A peer review committee was recommended for someone interested in going up for full professor.


12.  EEOC Replacement

A replacement was suggested for a vacancy on the EEOC.