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Executive Committee



April 10, 2009


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Bill Mischo, Vice-chair; Karen Hogenboom; Chris Prom; JoAnn Jacoby; Michael Norman; John Wagstaff, Beth Woodard; Greg Youngen;


1.     Approve March 16, 2009 Minutes

Minutes were approved with changes.


2.    5y Reviews from Faculty Review Committee

The group reviewed the 5Y reviews from the Faculty Review Committee and will continue discussion via email between now and the next meeting on April 15.


3.    Questions

There were some questions about the Library Organization Working Group.  Bill Mischo shared some comments he had received about the group.  Bill will post the group members and the charge to the EC site for comment.  There may be additional people who may need to be added.


4.    Select External and Internal Evaluators for P&T Candidates

Evaluators were recommended for candidates going forward for promotion.


5.    Digital Life Cycle Management Report--JoAnn

The report is not quite ready. This will be discussed at the next meeting.


6.    Scholarly Commons-JoAnn

The Scholarly Commons Coordinator Position was discussed and some revisions were suggested.  A suggestion was also made that the accompanying document regarding the roles that leads will play should also be included when posted for comment and when the position is posted.  JoAnn will make the revisions and send them out to EC for further consideration.


7.     Updates on open positions-Paula

Paula updated the group on the status of the Undergraduate Library position, the Preservation position, and a possible faculty reassignment.