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Executive Committee



March 9, 2009

2:30-4:00 pm

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Beth Woodard, Secretary; Karen Hogenboom; Michael Norman; John Wagstaff



1.     Approve February 9, 2009 Minutes

Minutes were approved with changes.


2.    Questions

There was a question about the next steps for the Interim Reports of the Government Information Services Team and the Area and International Studies Team.  The Interim Reports will be posted for comments and EC will discuss at the next meeting.


There was a request to add another individual as an additional paper preparer.  This request was approved.


There was a brief discussion regarding the full professor process.


Paula updated the group on some items discussed at the last CARLI Board meeting.


3.    Visiting Digital Imaging Specialist

There was a snag in the process at the campus level.  The position would have to be hired as a visiting faculty member rather than as a visiting academic professional.  The Executive Committee declined to consider making it a visiting faculty position since the appointee does not have a completed degree above the bachelors.


4.    Deferred agenda items.

The agenda was reviewed and Digital Life Cycle Management Report, Staff Development and Training Coordinator Position, and the Scholarly Commons are all deferred until the next meeting .


5.    Titles of Faculty Positions

Since broader input is desired, this item is also deferred until the next meeting.  Of prime consideration is whether or not to eliminate the use of "assistant librarian" in titles.


6.     Bylaws Regarding Unit Heads

This was a request from the Bylaws Committee whether or not the unit head policy should be reflected in the Library Bylaws. Since there is not mention of unit heads as a group in the Bylaws, John Wagstaff volunteered to talk to Al Kagan from the Bylaws committee to get further information on why this should be included in the Bylaws.


7.     Academic Professionals as Heads of Units

EC has been asked to consider a general policy of the advisability or non-advisability of Academic Professionals as Heads of Units.  Currently there is one unit that has a faculty member reporting to an academic professional.  Discussion was deferred until the next meeting.


8.    Faculty Appointments Versus Academic Appointments

Since this topic is so closely tied to the previous one, the group decided to defer this discussion as well.