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Executive Committee Minutes August 11, 2008


Library Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes


August 11, 2008

12:00 - 3:00 pm, 428 Library



  1. Question Time

When will we learn about committee assignments? Kim will have them posted by the end of the week.


Is there a budget spelling out how the $200,000 for NSM will be spent? It will depend on how quickly the priority items are implemented.


A personnel issue was discussed.


UIC is still interested in pay for 50% of a copyright attorney. UIS is no longer interested. This position will be added to the list of positions EC will talk about at a future meeting.


  1. Review and approval of minutes

Approved with changes.


  1. Update on TOP candidate/screening process

This issue was discussed.


  1. PRC for New Faculty

A PRC was chosen. Paula will contact the individuals.


  1. Change to a faculty's PRC

This change was approved.


  1. Social Events Committee replacement

The committee currently has the prescribed number of members.


  1. Change of description and title (Systems Engineer) for IT systems infrastructure position

It was determined that the new title might bring in a stronger applicant base and was approved.


  1. Communications-LIS charge (New Services Model)

The charge was approved as long as JoAnn Jacoby serves as an ex officio member.


  1. Government Information Services Team charge (New Services Model)

This charge was approved.


  1. Unit Head appointment/review statement

It was determined that Beth Woodard and Chris Prom would work on developing a process to implement this.


  1. Approval of Strategic Communications and Marketing Committee

This was approved.


  1. Procedural questions regarding zero time appointments where the person does not have a primary University appointment

EC currently reviews these on a case-by-case basis. When one is approved it is taken to the faculty for a vote. EC will continue this process. Paula will contact Ruth Watkins to find out if there are any differences when appointing someone from outside the University.