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Executive Committee Minutes June 13, 2008


Library Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes


June 13, 2008

12 - 1:30 pm, 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Michael Norman, Secretary; Tim Cole, Bill Mischo, John Wagstaff, Janice Pilch



  1. Question Time

There is some confusion about the process for units to change from one division to another. Individuals are members of a division and divisions are made up of units that serve departments.


EC will be sending their comments regarding the AULs in the near future.


We need a process for the way space is assigned. Several people have asked about the space that Afro-Americana will be vacating.


There was a question about digital resources. Campus is setting up a committee to discuss digitizing. Paula will chair the committee that will be making recommendations.


  1. Review and approval of minutes for June 2 nd

Minutes were approved.


  1. Approve preface for position proposals

Preface was approved with a change in the deadline date.


  1. TOP screening committee

A screening committee was suggested.


  1. Adjunct faculty (zero-time) appointment for Pat Miller

This was approved.


  1. Report about Dean's Retreat

Still no word on the budget. At the July Board of Trustees meeting, they will be voting on a new utilities fee for all the units on campus. The Provost asked the Deans to each submit a white paper on things that will reinvent the University and provide opportunities for excellence. The list of white papers are as follows:


   Research and Infrastructure Improvement

   Space management - Lanesskog

   A new way forward for the next green revolution - Easter

   Information to manage water, food and energy - Unsworth

   Re-envisioning the campus: encouraging active participation in sustainability - Graves

   Establishing a significant Illinois presence in Chicago - DeBrock

   The Illinois digitization initiative - Kaufman

   Serving e-science and e-scholarship: new models for the University Library - Kaufman

   Branding Illinois' research - Kaufman


   Efficiency and Process Improvement

   A faculty study abroad banking system - Brustein

   Financial sustainability and deficits - Andrechak

   Integrated student services - Watkins

   Rethinking our approach to process improvement - Lanesskog

   Improving visa and permanent residency procedures - DeBrock

   Graduate tuition waiver policy - Wheeler


   Improving Academic Quality

   Expanding professional development for future scientists - DeBrock

   Re-envisioning teaching, research, and public service - Emanuel

   Using student mentoring initiatives to improve large scale gen ed course delivery - DeBrock

   Improving the undergraduate experience through curriculum coorination in foundation years - DeBrock


   Sustaining Excellence in Human Capital

   Right-sizing the institution - Watkins

   Strengthening community and loyalty in the faculty - Watkins

   Stakeholder alignment maps - Cutcher-Gershenfeld

   The Illinois attitude - Brubaker

   Council of deans student advisory council - Yates

   Achieving our commitment, enacting our values - Korr

   Intrapreneurship Illinois initiative - Pena-Mora

   Breakthrough knowledge and innovation - Kalantzis

   Re-envisioning the faculty excellence program - Watkins


The Provost is expecting the deans to engage faculty in these different issues.


  1. Position request for permanent Research Programmer for Library IT

Can't do anything permanent until we have the budget. Could fill as a visiting position.


  1. Position restructure for Engineering and Metadata Librarian position

Deferred to another meeting.


  1. Sabbatical replacement on PRC

Deferred to another meeting.