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Executive Committee Minutes

December 3, 2007

1:30-3:00 p.m., 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; John Wagstaff, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Bill Mischo, Michael Norman, Janice Pilch, Beth Woodard; Recording- Kim Matherly


1.   Review and approval of Minutes from November 26, 2007

      Minutes were approved with amendment.


2.   Question Time

      Some personnel issues were discussed.


      Paula reminded the group that Honorary Degree nominations can be submitted at any time.


3.   GA evaluation policy – revised document

      Scott Walter will be invited to EC’s next meeting to discuss the document, which, it is felt, still requires further clarification in some areas.


4.   Rollback request

      Currently there is not additional information.


5.   “Library Services for the 21 st Century” [formerly “New Service Models” item]. Continuation of discussion

      Budget Group+ members have started meeting with Divisions. Write-ups summarizing the meetings will be posted to the Budget Group+ G: folder.


6.   Library IT request to open Research Programmer position(s)

      The committee approved one permanent position and up to three visiting positions. Further information is awaited on one of the positions.


7.   ICR funding request

      A request was approved.


8.   Charge for Large-Scale Digitization Working Group

      The committee would like the charge to specifically state that they will investigate collaborative arrangements and stay on the cutting edge by looking for support of digitization. Furthermore, it was agreed that a member of CDC should be a member of the Group, and that CDC should specifically be mentioned at the beginning of clause 1 of the document, i.e. “In conjunction with CDC, develop and formalize best practices for digital project planning…” [etc.] Otherwise the charge was approved.


9.   Committee on Scholarly Communication: revised document

      This item is deferred to the next meeting.


10. “Research Time”: revised document

      This document will hopefully be approved following further work. It was agreed that future work on the document could be done via e-mail, without having to come back to EC.


11. Law Faculty Review Process: final document.

      This document was approved for posting to the EC website.