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Executive Committee Minutes

September 24, 2007

1:30-3:00 p.m., 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; John Wagstaff, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Bill Mischo, Michael Norman, Beth Woodard; Recording- Kim Matherly


1.   Review and approval of Minutes from September 6, 2007

      Minutes were approved as submitted.


2.   Question Time

      Last year Tim Cole was nominated to the campus Promotion and Tenure Reform Committee. The committee has now turned in its report to the Provost, and at some point the report will be given to the Deans. There are several suggestions for changes to current P/T operations, and the committee has been charged to serve an additional year to help implement them.


      Concerns have been voiced to several EC members regarding the “new service models” exercise. People want to be sure that they will be consulted before any changes are made to their area. Paula reinforced that this is listed as one of the stages of the process. Everyone will have ample opportunity to voice their opinion. EC will be looking at the proposals soon. More than 60 were received.


      It was noted that the Provost will make a small amount of one time money available for implementation of “new service models” proposals.


3.   Candidates for Interim Head, Central Access Services position

      Paula is very close to finalizing this appointment.


4.   Request for a change to a PRC

      Paula will contact the person who was suggested as an additional member of the PRC. This item led to a broader discussion of some promotion and tenure issues, including how best to reinforce and publicize a research culture within the library.


5.   Request of a campus director for closer involvement with the library

      Paula is still waiting to hear back from campus administration.


6.   Global Campus

      Mary Case (UIC), Jane Tredwell (UIS) and Paula have been meeting to try to resolve some of the issues around the Global Campus. The students that enroll will not have a net id or UIN, so helping them gain access to the materials they need and want is going to be an issue. Another issue is that UIS (which was originally intended to be the provider of library services to Global Campus students) doesn’t have materials to support the nursing students program, so needs to find a way to give them access to materials at UIC. E-reserves will also be a problem, since Global Campus will use a “Desire to Learn” reserves system that is not in operation at any of the current campuses. Different models are being suggested, to see what might work best. The three ULs will meet with Charlie Evans, head of Global Campus, to sort out what needs to be done.


7.   Campus Promotion and Tenure Nominee

      It was deemed unlikely that campus would appoint another Library faculty member to the committee, so EC decided not to nominate anyone at this time.