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July 10, 2008

12:00 – 1:30 pm, 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-chair, Michael Norman, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Bill Mischo, Beth Woodard


1. Question Time

Campus will be announcing that the Library has met its goal of $30 million for the Capital Campaign. Actually, we’ve raised $32 million.  

2. Review and approval of minutes for June 13 th

The minutes were approved with changes.  

3. Budget and Student Wages for next year

Scott Walter and Rod Allen joined the Committee to discuss FY09 budget and update the group regarding allocations for student wages. There is still no definitive information regarding our budget for next year. Increases in energy costs will need to be addressed this next year and this could impact the Library as it is among the top ten of campus units in energy use. The Library could possibly need to put aside a higher percent for rescission next year. The Library will get one-time money this next year to help offset the increase in the minimum wage.

4. PRC for faculty member

Names were suggested and Paula will contact them to serve.

5. Replacement for faculty PRC

Names were suggested and Paula will contact them to serve.

6. Paper preparer issue for faculty member

This issue was discussed and it was decided to leave the paper preparers as is.

7. Search committee for visiting Research Programmer position

A committee was suggested.

8. Latin American and Caribbean Librarian position

With the retirement of Nelly Gonzalez in August 2008, Paula Carns has been asked to devote a portion of her time working with the Latin American and Caribbean Library on an interim basis until new librarian is hired. After an initial review of the new proposal of the Latin American and Caribbean Librarian position, the Committee had several suggestions to convey back to the division. Michael Norman will work with Area Studies to discuss different possibilities to create a position to work across disciplines and subject areas of the university and share expertise across various departments of the Library.

9. Update on TOP screening

The screening process was discussed.

1 0. Associate Director/Director of Advancement, Communications and Marketing position

With Cindy Ashwill leaving, the Office of Institutional Advancement will lead the process of replacing the Library’s Assistant Director, Office of Library Advancement and Public Affairs. The Committee discussed the importance of this positions and how the successful candidate will need to have an understanding of libraries and will assume the important role of chairing the Library’s Marketing Committee. The Committee felt that candidates for the position should meet with members of the Marketing Committee. We also recommended that Roxanne Frey should be a part of the screening process for the candidates for this position.

12. Germanic, Scandinavian, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature Visiting Specialist screening committee

EC recommended a screening committee.

13. Draft policy on new unit head appointments

This was deferred to another meeting.

14. Additional discussion regarding Library’s involvement in initiatives from Dean’s Retreat

This was deferred to another meeting.