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May 8, 2008

11:30 - 1 pm, 423 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Michael Norman, Secretary, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Bill Mischo, Janice Pilch, John Wagstaff and Beth Woodard; Kim Matherly, recording Absent: Chris Prom, Vice-Chair


1. Question Time

There was discussion about the future of the CIC Google Digitization project. The CIC announced that libraries at the University of Indiana and Purdue University would be the next two libraries to begin digitizing parts of their collections. UIUC, University of Minnesota, University of Chicago and Northwestern University make up the next group of libraries to start the process. UIUC Library could join the work next year. The Library has asked the Provost Office to release some of the budgeted funds for the Google project this next fiscal year to begin prep work (including barcoding, cataloging, and conservation) of selected materials for digitization.


2. Review and approval of Minutes

April 28 th and May 6 th  minutes were approved with corrections.


3. CPLA position discussion – continued

The Committee continued discussion of the CPLA position request. The new proposal renames the position the Planning, Landscape Architecture and Design (PLAD) Librarian. The position will have presence in both the ACES Library and Architecture and Art Library. Fifty percent of the position will be devoted to working with digital visual resources to better incorporate these into the Library’s collections. A search committee was recommended.


4. New Service model report and the coordinating position

The Committee discussed the candidates for the Coordinator, New Service Model Programs position. The Committee recommended an individual for the Coordinator position.


5. Position requests

The Committee continued the discussion regarding position requests. We finished prioritizing the 22 requests into 1) Highest Priority, 2) Higher Priority, 3) Priority, 4) TOP requests and 5) Additional Consideration. At the next meeting, the Committee will finalize the position statement and position chart before posting on the EC website.    


6. Change name of the Music Library

This matter was deferred to a future meeting.


7. TOP requests – response from ESSL

This matter was deferred to a future meeting.