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April 28, 2008

1:30 -3:00 pm, 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufmann, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Michael Norman, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Beth Woodard, John Wagstaff, Janice Pilch

Absent: Bill Mischo


1. Question Time

The status of the Library/IT fee was discussed. Paula reported that an advisory committee has been created that will help prioritize possible expenditures to present to the Provost’s Office. The AULs are all part of the advisory committee, with Scott Walter being named chair this year. Mona Heath of CITES will chair next year. The advisory committee’s first meeting occurred on April 25 th and possible funding areas for the Library included extended hours in libraries, augmenting collection budgets, next generation search systems, and several other items. An area of focus for CITES includes improving technology in classrooms across campus.


The Committee agreed to address decisions made over email during Question Time so that these items can get into the official record. Since the last meeting, the Committee approved the job description for the Coordinator, New Service Model Programs and agreed it is ready to post to the Library. Also, the Committee agreed upon a replacement for an external reference for one of the 5Y candidates.


2. Review and approval of minutes from March 13

The minutes were approved with revisions.


3. Choose full professor FRC and PTA for candidate

Four members were selected for PTA and six members for the FRC committee.


4. TOP requests

There are three requests for the campus’s Target of Opportunity program. The Committee discussed if these proposals address areas of need within the Library. The three proposals include Ethnics Studies Librarian, Government Information Librarian and Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Librarian. The Committee agreed to include these requests in the call asking for the comments to help prioritize position needs within the Library and hiring positions when funding becomes available. The Committee did voice the need for the Library to do better with matching individual TOP candidates with the scope and responsibilities of proposed positions. This topic will be continued at a future meeting.


5. Position Request rationale document

The Committee approved the rationale document to accompany the posting of positions for comments from the Library.


6. Position requests including the revised CPLA position request

We have 22 position requests submitted during the Library call in January and  six approved positions from Summer 2007 that are currently incorporated in the funds set aside for the rescission. This makes a total of 28 positions. The Committee ranked all these positions into 3 groupings—Highest Priority, Higher Priority, and Priority and two additional groupings for the TOP requests and several positions for additional consideration. After finishing the groupings, the Committee determined that they are ready to post all position requests, rationale document and Position Table on the Executive Committee website and put out a call to the Library to make comments and help prioritize the positions.


7. Policy for use of administrative conference space

The Committee reviewed the new policy for use of administrative conference space forwarded from Administrative Council and agreed that it should be implemented.


8. AUL and other’s self evaluations

The Committee (excluding Paula) went over comments received regarding the self evaluations of the AULs, Rod Allen, Barbara Ford, and Vicki Trimble. We decided to submit written reports to Paula for each individual. Each member of EC was assigned to write up a report, incorporating the comments received from the Library. We will set up one more special meeting (without Paula) to finish off the discussion of these self-evaluations.