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April 11, 2008

11 am -1:30 pm, 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufmann, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Michael Norman, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Bill Mischo, Beth Woodard, John Wagstaff;

Guests: David Ward, Scott Walter, Tom Teper, and Beth Sandore


1. Gaming Initiative

The Committee discussed the status of the Library’s Gaming Initiative. David Ward, Scott Walter, Beth Sandore and Tom Teper joined us for the discussion of the Library’s 5-Year plan for Gaming for the Ages. David updated the group on this past year’s ongoing activities including building up the gaming collection, holding Gaming Nights in Undergraduate Library, partnering up with faculty who are using games within the classroom environment, and beginning efforts to catalog and archive these games, simulations and virtual environments and gaming technologies. The Library has received several grants to better support gaming initiatives, including a NDIIP grant for preserving games and game content. Additional grants will be pursued. Several grants, including IMLS and  have been procured to help the Library Several members pointed out the need to concentrate more on the educational and instructional component of gaming, including game theory, faculty research using gaming within instructional technology, and collecting immersive game engines now available. We all agreed that gaming is becoming a part of the educational mission of the university and the Library needs to play an important part in providing access to games but also scholarly collections and helping preserve these games and technologies for future study. David will come back in the future to give further updates.


2. New Service Models Report

The Committee discussed with Scott Walter, Tom Teper, and Beth Sandore the report. The Committee agreed that this was a good report and commended the Budget Plus group with all the work it took to pull this together. There are many good ideas encompassed within it. We were given a history of the timeline to produce this document and how our strategic goals remained central in the proposals. The Budget Plus group did get many responses from within the Library and outside comments. The Committee made several suggestions regarding the report including making it available as a web document, rewording certain segments to make the priorities clearer, the need to not make this a static process but willing to have new ideas continue to come in, and agreement with the appointment of an interim project coordinator for the next 3 years to lead this Library-wide initiative. The Committee unanimously supported the New Service Models Report and said it was ready to be released.


3. Question Time


One of the Committee members asked about the Survey libraries and how they would be incorporated into the Library structure. This includes the Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois Geological Survey, Illinois Water Survey and Illinois Waste Management and Research Center libraries. Paula informed that the process on this is just starting. We will hear more about this later from the campus. Negotiations are ongoing. Several problems to figure out include lack of civil service staff structure in the Surveys and how to map current positions into the AP/Librarian designations.


Paula sent out an email this week regarding consulting. The important thing to remember is that any outside consulting requires getting approval from the University Librarian before engaging in this work. Paula stated that she thinks consulting is a good thing for individuals in the Library but that we need to go through the proper procedures.


A personnel issue was discussed.


4. Review and approval of minutes from March 13

Review of minutes for March 13 meeting was rescheduled for our next meeting.


5. FRC's evaluation of our 5Y candidates

The Committee reviewed the evaluations. Several questions came up and after additional information is gained, final evaluations will be taken up at next week’s meeting.


6. Follow-up on internal and external reviewers for 5Y candidates

EC started selecting the lists of internal and external reviewers for 5Y candidates. Most of the lists are now complete, but a few questions require follow-up before final decisions are reached.


7. P&T evaluations of the 3Y PRC reports

The Committee reviewed the evaluations.


8. Position requests

The Committee had a brief conversation regarding the submitted proposals for positions. The Head of Preservation position was discussed, including the possibility of naming an interim appointment. It was decided to wait for the report from the Digital Content Life Cycle Group (to be released in May 2008) and gain more information about the role of digital preservation before making a final decision.


9. TOPS candidates

  The discussion was postponed.


10. Self-evaluations by the AULs, Rod, Barbara, and Vicki

The Committee approved posting these self-evaluations to receive comments from the Library.


11. Administrative Council recommended approval of a policy for use of administrative conference space

The discussion was postponed.


12. Rollback request

The discussion was postponed.