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March 13, 2008

8:00-11:00, 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Michael Norman, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Janice Pilch, Bill Mischo, Beth Woodard, John Wagstaff; Absent: Chris Prom, Vice Chair


1. Review and approval of minutes from February 18

The minutes were approved with revisions.


2. Question Time

The Committee discussed a better way to ensure that items taken care of over email get into the official record. It was agreed that any items dealt with over email would be the first item addressed during Question Time. This will ensure that the issue and action gets into the Executive Committee’s minutes.


One committee member asked about the status of the Committee’s parking lot, as only two items are presently represented. We were informed that at a previous meeting, we had addressed a majority of the parking lot agenda items and hopefully will address the final two items in a future meeting.


Two personnel issues were discussed.


Library IT has created a web site that will list the projects and programs supported by the campus Library/IT fee. It can be viewed at: <>


An update was given regarding paper preparers and editors for our 5Y candidates and one faculty member going up for full professorship. After several attempts, we now have representatives for all the candidates.


3. Peer Review Committee

A PRC assignment was made.


4. Budget FY 2009

This was a follow-up discussion regarding the FY 2009 Budget request sent to campus. The campus deadline for submitting the budget was altered and EC did not see the budget until late in the process. Discussion of the budget document occurred over email. Two important issues came out of our discussion: 1) set up a more formal review for next year’s budget and 2) have a joint EC/Budget Group meeting to review the Library’s budget for 2010.


5. Position requests and sharing/soliciting comments from Library

EC decided it will make soliciting comments a common aspect of the call for position requests that occur each year. All agreed that the comments received last year were helpful and helped frame the final decisions made in the positions that were funded. This year, with less funds available for faculty and academic professional hires, it is important to think differently and strategically about filling positions or creating new positions. EC members, John Wagstaff, Janice Pilch and Cindy Ingold, volunteered to come up with a guiding principles document to accompany the call to help prioritize position requests and suggest new possibilities for addressing vacant position lines. At future meetings, the Committee will continue to examine how to make the best decisions in funding position requests.  


6. TOPS requests – How do we handle these requests

Relating to the previous agenda item, the Committee discussed how TOPS requests fit into the Library’s overall strategic priorities. EC received three requests for TOPS hires with this last call. As one possibility, we discussed trying to match the people presented as TOP hires with Library needs. This will be discussed at future meetings as well. The Committee did agree that TOPS hires should be included in the guiding principles document to help prioritize Library positions.


7. Implementation Plan for New Service Model for E-Reserves and Media

The Committee approved the implementation plan.


8. Final draft of the charge for the Digital Content Life Cycle Team

The Committee approved the draft of the charge.


9. Scholarly Commons Leadership document

The Committee approved the document and made recommendations of Library faculty to be included in the Scholarly Commons Leadership team.


10. New Service Model – Continuation of discussion

The Committee left this agenda item for the next meeting. The Budget Plus group will have the New Service Model report completed by our next meeting and members of the Budget Plus group will be invited to discuss the report.