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January 28, 2008

1:30-3 p.m., 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; John Wagstaff, Secretary, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Bill Mischo, Michael Norman, Janice Pilch and Beth Woodard. Scott Walter was in attendance for the first item.


1. GA Allocations for FY09

There was extensive discussion of this item, particularly of the procedures for GA recruitment that will be followed this year. A small group will be formed to undertake interviews of candidates on a list of “top 20” candidates supplied by GSLIS, since GSLIS wants to be able to assure these candidates of a Graduate Assistantship when they send out offer letters. Some names were suggested for membership of this group. Libraries offering GA positions will be encouraged to offer positions in divisions larger than 0.25 FTE: thus if a library has 0.5FTE GA-ships to offer, the preference should be to make an offer of this whole allocation to a single candidate, rather than offering 2 x 0.25 FTE positions. It was noted that the reduction in GA positions combined with possible cuts in student wage budgets for FY09 would make life difficult in some libraries. Libraries will be allowed to use GA money to make up for the loss of student wages if they so choose.


2. Question Time

Questions were asked as follows:

(i) How do things stand regarding the position of Preservation Librarian? Paula is in discussions about this.

(ii) Anything to report on the rescission money? Not at this time.

(iii) Procedure to be followed in regard to a possible re-naming of the Music Library. A proposal needs to be brought forward to EC. Approval from the Provost’s office may, or may not, be required.

(iv) What is happening regarding possible consolidation of Technical Services? It was suggested that a group should be formed to look into this question sooner rather than later, with representation from all stakeholders.


Paula also reported on a current rollback request, and it was agreed that more medical documentation will be sought before a decision is taken on whether to forward the request to campus level.


Some committee assignments (Scholarly Communications, SAC) were also discussed.


3. Review and Approval of Minutes from January 14, 2008

The Minutes were approved with one amendment.


4. Revised Learning Commons position request

The new text was approved. Names were suggested for a Search Committee: Paula will contact the people concerned.


5. Stacks Services Planning Team

A deadline of April 15, 2008 was set for this team to report back to EC.