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Library Executive Committee

October 23, 2006

1:30-3:00, 428 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, Chair; Cindy Ingold, Secretary, Tim Cole, Michael Norman, Nancy O’Brien, Janice Pilch, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff

Absent: Kim Matherly


1. Review and Approval of Minutes from October 9, 2006

The minutes were approved.


2. Question Time

How is the Library responding to the Global Campus initiative?  Karen said the Global Campus has been scaled back so that in Year 1, there would be no students; Year 2, some 760 students; Year 3, about 2,300 students, etc. The Library has a number of questions, including whether the students would have Net IDs in the early years, if there is expected to be technical support for students in other countries, expectations for ILL of books, and if a technology baseline is being established for incoming students.  EC also questioned how the Library will support access to e-resources.  Karen will send a summary about the Library’s response to the Global Campus to LIBNEWS.


How should Librarians respond when new programs are proposed for the campus without considering the added costs to the Library?  Karen replied that librarians should email her with the details of new any new program/curriculum proposals, and that she plans to bring this to the attention of the Senate Committee on the Library.


Karen provided information on the proposal for a Library/IT fee.


3. Search for AUL for Collections: Discussion with Bill Maher

EC met with Bill Maher, chair of the search committee for the AUL for Collections, to provide input on the position description.  Once the search committee has written a draft description, EC will provide additional feedback.


4. Acting AUL for Information Technology Planning and Policy

EC gave recommendations on the responsibilities for an Acting AUL for ITPP.  Karen will revise the position description, and send out a call to LIBFAC. EC recommended that the current policy on making acting academic appointments to cover temporary vacancies be updated to require internal searches in the case of temporary AUL vacancies.


5. IDEALS Administrative Reorganization

Discussion postponed.


6. Vetting of Grant Proposals to Outside Agencies

EC recommended that a more formal, transparent process for vetting grant proposals be created.  Karen will work with Beth Sandore to see that this happens.


7. Future of DSD

Discussion postponed.


8. Mass  Digitization Group: Formalize Charge and Membership

Discussion postponed.