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Library Executive Committee

September 25, 2006

1:30-3:00, 428 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, chair, Chris Prom, vice-chair, Cindy Ingold, secretary, Tim Cole, Nancy O'Brien, Janice Pilch, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff, Kim Matherly, recording


1. Review and Approval of Minutes from August 31, September 6, and September 11

Cindy will update the minutes and send them out for approval.

2. Question Time


3. Peer Review Committee Assignment

Suggestions were made.  Karen will contact the individuals.


4. Position Request Form

EC gave input on the position request template that Karen had updated.  Karen will resend this to EC along with a draft message to the faculty for final suggestions. EC agreed to stick with the 6 month cycle for calls for position requests; however, individuals may submit requests anytime if they can make a compelling argument about why the position should be filled immediately.  EC will keep unfilled position requests on file for one year, so that individuals do not have to resubmit two times in one twelve month period.


5. Names for AUL for Collections Search Committee

Suggestions were made. Karen will contact the individuals.


6. ICR Funding Proposal

The proposal was approved


7. Proposal for Global Studies Advisory Committee

Lynne Rudasill, current Global Studies Librarian, said that in the responsibilities for this position, an advisory committee was suggested. Lynne no longer feels that such an advisory committee is needed. She will work closely with individuals who can advise her.


8. Proposal for Position of Librarian for Interdisciplinary Initiatives

EC discussed this proposal.  The individual who submitted the proposal will meet with EC at an upcoming meeting.