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Library Executive Committee

September 11, 2006

1:30-3:00, 428 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Tim Cole, Michael Norman, Janice Pilch, John Wagstaff, Kim Matherly, recording

  1. Discussion with Beth Woodard on Proposal for Post-tenure Review
    Beth discussed the benefits of implementing a standardized review for associate professors, to inform their progress towards full professorship. Each faculty member could be assigned a peer review committee, and a review could be conducted five years after achieving tenure. EC recommended that the proposal be discussed by the Faculty Review Committee and be addressed at the October or November faculty meeting.
  2. Question Time
    The committee made a recommendation concerning the ILL/DD position.The committee tentatively discussed charging a task force to work on phase two in the development of the Scholarly Commons, and will continue the discussion at the September 25 meeting.
  3. Nominations for Enrollment Management Committee and P & T Reform Committee
    The committee approved a nomination for the campus P & T Reform Committee.
  4.  Follow-up on Position Request
    The committee discussed the position request in question, and delayed a decision pending further information concerning the Library budget and the Library IT Report.
  5. Review of Job Descriptions for Two E-Resources Positions
    The committee approved requests for the two positions.
  6. Filling Positions without a Formal Search – Process
    The committee discussed procedures for filling positions without a formal search, and reaffirmed a commitment to be more consistent in the process for requiring national searches and authorizing search waivers.