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Library Executive Committee

August 6, 2007

1:30-3:00pm, 428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Janice Pilch, Secretary; Tim Cole, Michael Norman, Nancy O'Brien, Lynne Rudasill; Recording-Kim Matherly
Absent: Cindy Ingold, John Wagstaff

1.  Review and approval of minutes from July 30

The minutes were approved.

2.  Question Time

Paula Kaufman has received the report on the Integrated Research Service. After all recently submitted reports and proposals are reviewed, they will be distributed to the faculty.

Lynne Rudasill will submit the revised Policy Regarding Extended Research Time  for discussion at the next EC meeting.  In response to a question concerning the TOP Hire in the Music Library, EC requested that a final position description be submitted for review.  EC briefly discussed the new Library gateway, which members agreed looks very good. The Library must ensure that the site is continually updated so that it remains current in content and appearance.

3.  Status of FY08 Budget

There is no word on the budget, but the Library is prepared to act quickly as soon as information is received.

4.  Review of applications for position of Interim Head of Central Access  Services

EC discussed procedures for handling the interim hire. It is desirable for EC to meet with interested candidates. Meetings will likely be arranged after August 24 when the new EC is in place.

5.  Review of position description for Visiting Archival Operations and Preservation Specialist 

EC approved the position description.

6.  Review of draft Guidelines for Appointment and Evaluation of Visiting Academic Professionals and Faculty

EC recommended approval of the document, with one revision. It was clarified that the guidelines will not include specifics on the issue of travel funds or research time, which are/will be covered in separate documents, and that EC will review all position descriptions for visiting academic professionals and faculty. The final version of the guidelines will be posted to the EC website.

7.  Review of effectiveness of peer review committees, to clarify expectations and practices

The Library needs to establish more consistency in the way that peer review committees conduct their work and report on progress of untenured faculty. Inconsistencies have been noted in the extent to which PRC members advise candidates throughout the year, in the number of meetings held with candidates annually, in the level of directness of PRC members with candidates, in formatting of PRC reports, and in other areas. Questions arise as to whether PRC members should, or do, play the role of mentors. There should be more clarity in the scope of the evaluative function relative to the mentoring function. The uneven level of participation of tenured faculty on PRCs needs to be addressed. In addition, a decision needs to be made on the possibility of initiating a review process of tenured faculty, within the provisions of Communication 21. EC will  review existing documentation and will address these issues at an upcoming faculty meeting.
8. Process for review of AUL goals

A process for review of AUL goals was established some years ago by EC. Although it did not receive emphasis last year, the Library needs to get back on track in reporting and assessing AUL goals. Paula Kaufman will set up a group to work on this.

9. Sabbaticals and administration of units

There is concern about uneven coverage of units by faculty during sabbaticals, and the way that assignments are made. There is a need to clarify expectations for administration of units during sabbaticals. While acting appointments may be assigned from outside divisions, a consolidation of divisions would facilitate the process of making sabbatical assignments.