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Library Executive Committee

July 30, 2007

12:00-1:30pm, 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Janice Pilch, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Michael Norman, Nancy O'Brien; Recording- Kim Matherly

Absent: Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff


1. Review and approval of minutes from July 9

The minutes were approved with one revision.


2. Question Time

EC reviewed the practice of posting documents to the EC website. Final versions of documents should be posted, and this will require follow-up to obtain final versions after EC has recommended revisions to drafts. Position descriptions should not be posted; descriptions posted by the Human Resources office should serve as official versions. It was suggested that we provide links from EC versions of documents to other versions that result from them.


EC discussed the status of the Integrated Research Service. A report, due on May 31, is expected soon.


Paula Kaufman provided an update on plans for consolidation of the CPLA Library and moving to a new model for service. Discussions are in progress with academic department heads. Paula also provided an update concerning the future of the Labor and Industrial Relations Library. Extensive discussions are under way to renovate and repurpose the space, and to provide a 21 st-century model for service. Implementation could take place as early as October 2007-January 2008.


EC discussed the status of the new Library gateway, which is expected to be unveiled by the August 1 deadline.


Paula discussed the need to adopt better techniques for project management in the Library, to enable us to accomplish projects more effectively. It was suggested that there might be programs on campus that the Library could utilize.


3. Appointing a task force for service point consolidation (AC recommendation)

EC discussed the need to establish a process for considering the various consolidation  proposals that have been put forward, in response to the recent AC suggestion that a task force be appointed to look at the big picture and make recommendations so we can begin to move forward. EC suggests that we work within the existing administrative structure. EC will review all proposals, adding special meetings if necessary, and then forward recommendations to the Budget Group for consideration. A newly tenured faculty member will be included in the Budget Group review. The Budget Group+ will prepare a final recommendation that will be reviewed by EC and then submitted to the University Librarian for implementation. An announcement will be posted this week to solicit additional proposals for change from individuals, groups, or any interested parties by September 15.


4. Metadata Librarian position description-final approval

The final position description was approved.


5. Screening Committee for Emerging Technologies Librarian position

Recommendations were made for a five-member screening committee, and several changes were suggested for the position description.


6. New appointment to IT Advisory Committee

EC recommended names for replacements on the committee.


7. Discussion of feedback on Proposal for Establishing Guidelines for Evaluation of Visiting Academic Professionals and Faculty in the UIUC Library, and development of policy document; discussion of whether grant-funded positions should require dossiers

EC discussed the proposal and the feedback, and decided on several principles to incorporate into a new policy.

·         Each visiting faculty and academic professional position needs to be evaluated with the aim of clarifying responsibilities, expectations, and evaluation criteria.

·         If existing appointments were established with clear responsibilities, expectations, and evaluation criteria, they do not have to be changed, but new positions will be developed in accordance with standard criteria.

·         If the scope of a new position only includes librarianship, it should not be a faculty position, but an AP position, in accordance with the EC policy "Senior Library Specialist and Library Operations Associate staff classifications compared to the Academic Professional Specialist and Library Faculty positions," dated April 2005, amended in November 2005.

·         New visiting faculty positions should have a standard breakdown of evaluation criteria into librarianship (50%), research (30%), and service (20%), and should allow for one research day per week. EC will review each new position carefully to ensure that this balance is maintained.

·         Visiting faculty will not be assigned a peer review committee, but may request a mentor from the Library faculty.

·         Details on available travel money for visiting faculty and academic professionals will be made clear. Academic professionals are not currently eligible for RPC funding. It was suggested that whenever possible, faculty should request research funding for academic professionals in grant proposals.


Nancy O'Brien and Michael Norman will revise the proposal to incorporate the above recommendations. It was also suggested that EC perform a review of the effectiveness of peer review committees, to clarify expectations and practices. This issue will be added to the EC parking lot for future discussion.


8. Developing an organized approach to revenue-generating services

EC discussed the various revenue-generating services (photocopying and scanning fees, IRIS, ABSEES, Library gift shop) and the need to establish consistent business practices and a plan among units generating revenues. Paula will request a report on the status of these activities, to include figures on revenues, and EC will discuss this issue further.