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Library Executive Committee

July 9, 2007

1:30-3:00pm, 428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Janice Pilch, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Michael Norman, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill; Recording- Kim Matherly

Guest: Rod Allen

Absent: John Wagstaff


1. Budget update—Rod Allen

Rod Allen discussed the recommendations of the Budget Group for FY08 allocations. EC recommended approval of the budget proposal.


2. Review and approval of minutes from June 28 and July 5

Both sets of minutes were approved, with revisions.


3. Question Time

In response to a question on the status of a position in the Music Library, it was clarified that an offer has been made and has been accepted.


In response to a question on the next steps in the RTG planning process, it was clarified that the process will resume when schedules for future meetings can be arranged.


In response to a question on the current status of the Integrated Research Service, it was clarified that a proposal is expected soon.


The Access Services Proposal is being discussed by various interested parties, but there has been no resolution on a final proposal. EC suggested that a more concrete proposal be in place by mid-August in order to ensure effective management of the units involved.


It was suggested that EC request a report on the progress of changes in the Undergraduate Library, and on the status of the information literacy program.


A suggestion was made in connection with new service proposals, involving a specific personnel situation.


Suggestions were made for replacing a committee member on the search committee for the two Metadata Librarian positions.


EC discussed progress on a new charge for the Colloquium Committee.


4. Policy Regarding Extended Research Time

There was disagreement on the emphasis of the draft policy. It was suggested that 

            it be redrafted as a Statement on Research Time with different wording.


5. Discussion of feedback on Proposal for Establishing Guidelines for Evaluation of Visiting Academic Professionals and Faculty in the UIUC Library, and development of policy document; discussion of whether grant-funded positions should require dossiers

A discussion began but was suspended due to lack of time and will be resumed at the July 30 meeting. It was agreed that given the delay in discussion of the document, the date for submission of evaluations be extended from August 16, 2007 to a later date.


6. Developing an organized approach to revenue-generating services

The discussion was postponed.