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Library Executive Committee

June 28, 2007

11:45am-1:15pm, 230B Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Michael Norman, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill; Recording-Kim Matherly

Absent: Janice Pilch, John Wagstaff


1. Review and approval of minutes from June 11

Approved with changes.


2. Question Time

A personnel issue was discussed.


What’s going on with the Illinois Informatics Initiative and how can the Library be involved? Paula emphasized that the Library can be involved as much as we want, and that the Library would be a great test bed for the initiative. GSLIS will house an undergrad minor in Informatics.  John Unsworth, Thom Dunning and Paula Kaufman comprise the Executive Committee who will advise Marc Snir, the director of I3. Marc is currently looking at different spaces to house the program.


            Will we get inflation money for the collection? The Library will receive $750,000 in new money, but we will have to pay more in taxes and other expenses this year. We will receive money for the minimum wage increase for student workers, but only as one time money. CDC will be discussing the budget at a meeting next week.  The budget for Graduate Assistants is also problematic, because of a mandated 3% salary increase from the campus.  Additionally, the Provost will use $200,000 of the Library fee to help pay for tuition waivers for GAs working in the Library.  Paula emphasized that the Library needs to look at how we are using our grad assistants.


            Now that Joe Zumalt has been in CPLA have any decisions been made about that Library? EC will receive a proposal that recommends moving CPLA into the ACES Library. Paula had discussed this with Bob Graves, the dean of FAA.


What’s going on with the LIR Library? Paula met with Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, director of Labor and Industrial Relations.  He wants to maintain an LIR library but he does support the idea of transforming it into a more collaborative technology-oriented space.


3. Review of second position request for Metadata Librarian, CAM and Illinois Harvest

EC approved.  There will be one search for both metadata librarian positions.

4. Change to one PRC assignment

Change was made.


5. Discussion of 4Y reviews

EC finished its discussion of 4Y reviews.  Paula will meet with all individuals to discuss their progress.


6. Library policy on research leaves

EC discussed the issue and determined that the Library should not be granting extended research leaves.  We need to remind all faculty that research is part of their job, and that each faculty member must take time to do research.  We also need to remind unit heads that they should work to accommodate individuals in helping meet their research goals. EC is developing a policy to clarify the issue of research leaves. Paula will discuss this either at the September faculty meeting or at a special meeting.


7. Committee assignments for 2007-2008

EC began reviewing committee assignments and made recommendations. We will continue this at our next meeting.


8. Review of newly revised Library policy on Payments for Teaching Credit Courses (May 2007)

The policy was approved with changes.


9. Visiting IRIS Coordinator Request

EC approved this request which is for a one-year half time visiting position.  EC recommended the person be housed in IT, and that Beth Sandore should work over the next year to close down the service.  We need to make sure all subscribers are aware that the service will be going away.


10. Copyright Lawyer

Paula updated EC on the status of hiring a copyright lawyer for the three campuses.  Ideally, the cost for this position would be split proportionally between the three campuses, but UIS can only contribute a minimal amount.  Rod Allen says we have money in our budget to fund our portion of this position, which would be an academic professional.  Paula is not sure if the person would be at UIUC or UIC.  EC endorsed hiring a copyright lawyer for a three year period, after which we will re-evaluate the position.