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Library Executive Committee

May 7, 2007

 1:30-3:00, 428 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, Chair; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Michael Norman, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill; John Wagstaff (Minute-Taker)


1. Review and approval of minutes from April 23

The minutes were approved with one revision.


2. Question Time

(i) It was noted that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals may now be eligible for consideration as TOP hires. Karen will confirm with the Provost’s Office.  Women will also be considered for TOP hires in fields in which they are currently under-represented, with Engineering being a possible example.


(ii) The Committee discussed the campus view of Library tenure cases, and how we can continue to work towards developing statements of librarianship and research that help the campus P&T understand and appreciate the significance of our work.  The Committee agreed that a discussion among the current 5Y candidates will be helpful.  Karen will facilitate this and ask Beth Woodard to share information she has gathered on building a philosophy of librarianship. 


 (iii) It was noted that the position of Senior Director of Advancement [formerly “Director of Development”] for the University Library has been filled, with the new postholder to begin work on May 30. A replacement for the Associate Director has also been appointed, and will take up her position on July 2.


3. Search Committee for Digital Resources and Reference Services Librarian

No further discussion was required. A Search Committee for the position has been appointed.


4. Review of Emerging Technologies Librarian and Web Content Coordinator

EC proposed various alternative position titles, including “Web Technologies and Content Librarian” or “Web Technologies and Content Coordinator”. One other change concerning the positioning of information on the requirement for research and publication was also proposed.


5. Large Scale Digitization Working Group—Building and Sustaining Capacity for Digitization: Review of discussion notes and preliminary discussions

There was extensive discussion concerning (i) the financial resources required to move digitization forward; (ii) the position of digitization within the library relative to other library priorities; and (iii) the staffing required. EC noted that there was some urgency in respect of the staffing issue, to avoid losing good people already in post.


6. Access Services Merger Proposal

Discussion of this item was limited. Scott Walter will be asked to follow up one of the issues, and the matter will then return to EC.


7. Review of revised Search Committee Procedural Guidelines

Discussion was postponed.


8. Review of draft policy document, dated April 10, 2007, on Law Faculty Review Process

Discussion was postponed.