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Library Executive Committee

April 2, 2007

1:30-3:00, 428 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Janice Pilch, Secretary; Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Michael Norman, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff; Recording- Kim Matherly


1. Review and approval of minutes from March 12 and March 15

The minutes were approved, with revisions to the minutes of March 12.


2. Question Time

The Committee discussed the status of a new appointment.


Committee members suggested that further clarification is needed on the Law Library’s new promotion and tenure and annual review procedures. Questions remain as to whether a PRC committee will be assigned to new Law faculty, and how the Library will handle evaluations from the Law Library in the annual faculty review process. Karen is working with Janis Johnston on these details.


A personnel issue was discussed.


EC discussed the changing composition of new Library appointments, and suggested that a report be done on the breakdown of faculty, academic professional, and civil service positions in recent years, to show how percentages have changed. Karen Schmidt will initiate this report.


A visiting faculty roundtable was held recently to clarify standards for the annual review. There are suggestions that new appointment letters be drafted for each visiting faculty member to clarify review criteria in terms of percentages of librarianship, research, and service; the allocation and use of travel funds; and eligibility for voting privileges and committee membership. It has also been proposed that review criteria be included in the negotiation process for future appointments. EC members will continue working with Karen Schmidt on this, with the expectation that a proposal will be submitted to EC, and then sent to the faculty for comments.


3. Follow-up on internal and external reviewers for 5Y candidates

EC finalized lists of internal and external reviewers for 5Y candidates.


4. Strategic Communications and Marketing Committee—charge and composition

EC discussed the proposal for a new committee to promote awareness of the Library and its services to a broader audience. Issues raised were the value of a new committee; possible overlap of this committee with the work of the Community Outreach Planning Group, a subcommittee of the User Education Committee; and its relationship to the Development Office. A recommendation will be made pending further consultation.


5. Orientation Services Librarian position—screening committee

EC made recommendations for the composition of the committee.


6. Future of the School of Earth, Society, and Environment

Karen Schmidt reported on recent discussions concerning the Earth, Society & Environment Library that will be housed in a renovated Natural History Building.  The newly configured library will house our current Geology Library and the geography portion of the Map & Geography Library.  There are proposals to move some of the physical collections, and to develop a streamlined Library of the Future. Changes in progress are the new GIS lab being built by the Geology Department, and the new GIS position developed in the Library. The GIS position description has been approved, with continuing discussions about the optimal location of the workspace for this position.


7. EC and AC—what is the role of each group

The discussion was postponed.


8. Review of Search Committee Procedural Guidelines

The discussion was postponed.


9. Feedback on Policy for Awarding Emeritus/Emerita Status

The discussion was postponed.