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Library Executive Committee

March 5, 2007

1:30-3:00, 428 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Janice Pilch, Secretary; Tim Cole, Michael Norman, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill; Recording- Kim Matherly

Absent:  Cindy Ingold, John Wagstaff


1. Question Time

EC discussed the current understanding about attendance at official search committee dinners, and recommended that search committee members not invite people outside the committee to attend the dinners.


EC clarified that decisions on the collections budget are made by CDC. EC may advise on budget matters, implementation of the budget is handled by AC, and CDC makes decisions and choices about distribution of the collections budget.


2. Search committees for new positions

Search committee recommendations were made for the positions of RBML Curator of Special Collections, Research Programmer--IT, Workstation and Network Support Unit, Digital Library Research Programmer, and Coordinator for Web Content.


3. External reviewers for P&T

Recommendations were made for internal and external reviewers for 5Y candidates. The discussion will continue at the March 12 meeting.


4. Evaluation of visiting faculty

EC discussed annual evaluation criteria for visiting faculty, and considered the responses from the recent survey of visiting faculty on this topic. It was agreed that expectations for each position should be stated clearly in appointment letters, and that any policy taken should be applied consistently. Karen Schmidt will summarize the discussion and EC will work toward final policy decisions.


5. EC and AC—what is the role of each group

The discussion was postponed.


6. Review of Search Committee Procedural Guidelines

The discussion was postponed.


7. Feedback on Policy for Awarding Emeritus/Emerita Status

The discussion was postponed.