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Library Executive Committee

March 1, 2007

11:00-12:30, 413 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Janice Pilch, Secretary; Michael Norman, Nancy O’Brien, Cindy Ingold, Lynne Rudasill; Recording- Kim Matherly

Absent:  Tim Cole, John Wagstaff

Guest:    Beth Woodard


1. Future of Integrative Research Services: Beth Woodard

Beth Woodard, chair of the Task Force on Integrative Research Services, met with EC to report on progress of the group to date. She discussed the plans for a  website to bring together virtually the services offered by the Library; proposals for redesigning physical space; work on developing scenarios for service delivery involving digitization for faculty, collaborative space for graduate student research seminars, and informal space for reading groups; reference service; and the role of subject librarians. The task force will present a written progress report to EC in March.


2. Review and Approval of Minutes from February 12

The minutes were approved.


3. Question Time

To follow-up on the Library Committee and Task Force Self-Study survey, EC decided that a small task force composed of three members of AC and three members of EC be appointed to review the committee self-reports and make recommendations to AC and EC. 


EC decided to move up the discussion of role of EC and AC to the March 5, 2007 meeting.


There was a follow-up discussion on questions relating to the Task Force on Integrative Research Services.


A recommendation was made on a position request.


4. Confirmation of PRC Appointments and Paper Preparer Assignments

EC made recommendations concerning peer review committees and paper preparer assignments.


5. TOP Hire: Undergrad Library

EC made a recommendation concerning the position, to encourage a collaborative relationship between Reference and Undergraduate Libraries for the position.


6. Search Committees for New Positions

The discussion was postponed until March 5.


7. Evaluation of Visiting Faculty

The discussion was postponed.


8. GIS Position Description

EC made a recommendation concerning the position announcement for the GIS Librarian.


9. Review of Search Committee Procedural Guidelines

The discussion was postponed.