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Library Executive Committee

February 12, 2007

1:30-3:00, 428 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Cindy Ingold, Secretary; Tim Cole, Michael Norman, Nancy O’Brien, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff; Recording- Kim Matherly

Absent:  Janice Pilch

Guest:    Betsy Kruger


1. Future of Mass Digitization at the Library: Betsy Kruger

Betsy Kruger, Chair of the Large-Scale Digitization Working Group (LSDWG), met with EC to discuss the budget for continuing this work. Last spring, the Library received $900,000 from the state, the campus, and the University for mass digitization, but this money must be spent by June 30, 2007. Betsy is devoting 75% of her time on this project through December 2007.  Betsy emphasized that we have created a great deal of content, but that we need additional ongoing resources to continue this work, including money for equipment, contract renewals, and staff.  Betsy emphasized that staffing was crucial. 


2. Review and Approval of Minutes from February 5

The minutes were approved with changes.


3. Question Time

Two personnel issues were discussed.


4. PRC Appointments

Suggestions were made. Karen will contact the individuals to see if they will serve.


5. Paper Preparers—Finalize

EC provided additional names for paper preparers. Karen will contact all of them.


6. TOP Appointment

Lisa Hinchliffe, Head of the Undergraduate Library, had put forward a proposal for a new position in the Undergraduate Library. Karen provided background information about the individual suggested for this position.  Karen also reiterated that the money for the TOP positions does come from the Provost’s Office.  EC had several questions about the position.  Karen will email Lisa with the questions, and we will discuss the proposal at the next EC meeting.


7. Search Committees for New Positions

Discussion postponed.


8. Review of Search Committee Procedural Guidelines

Discussion postponed.


9. EC and AC—What is the role of each group?

Discussion postponed.