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Library Executive Committee

January 3, 2007

1:30-3:00, 428 Library


Present: Karen Schmidt, Chair; Chris Prom, Vice-Chair; Cindy Ingold, Secretary; Tim Cole, Michael Norman, Nancy O'Brien, Janice Pilch, Lynne Rudasill, John Wagstaff; Visitor - Scott Walter;  Recording- Kim Matherly


1. Review and Approval of Minutes from December 11 and December 13, 2006 

Approved with changes.


2. Office of Services

Scott Walter, Associate University Librarian for Services, provided an update to EC about the Office of Services. Scott mentioned that the web page <> has been revamped to provide a clearer message to the audience(s) for this page.


Scott sees the Office of Services having four programmatic areas:

1.)    Instruction <> Scott mentioned that other Libraries have more developed programs for instruction.

2.)    Assessment  <>

3.)    Staff Development  <>

Scott feels this area is not as well coordinated as the other programmatic areas.

The Library has a half-time training coordinator, but there are at least 40 people throughout the Library who have some responsibility for various aspects of training. Beth Woodard will be working with the Staff Training and Development Committee to determine what this committee should focus on.

4.)    Outreach and Engagement - This area is not reflected on the services web page, but is a priority of the Chancellor. This area is also not well-coordinated or well-articulated.


There are also areas where the Office of Services plays a role, but Scott is not sure who should take direct responsibility for these areas. These include:

·    Marketing -Scott wants to work more proactively with the Office of Public Relations but we also need to develop new publications

·    Reference Services- Central Reference not part of the Office of Services

·    Technical Services-No one from Technical Services on Services Advisory Committee

·    Web pages/Gateway -Another area that needs better coordination


Facilities falls under the Office of Services, but Human Resources reports directly to the University Librarian s .  Scott does attend Library Staff Support Committee (LSSC) meetings and handles the negotiation process in the hiring of Academic Professionals and faculty.  Additionally, the office and Scott spend a lot of time on planning and budgeting issues.  Some of these responsibilities came to the Office of Services when Bart Clark retired. 


EC discussed several issues with Scott including what positions/units should report to this office; a need to handle assessment better; and where the coordination of web services should reside. Scott also noted that there is very little information sharing between units and especially between Divisions. Scott wants to provide the big picture and help facilitate information sharing.


3. Question Time

There was a question about who will coordinate the new Illinois Identity standards for web pages within the Library. The standards were outlined in a recent email from the Chancellor. Cindy Ashwill, Library Development and Public Affairs, is working with publications. Lynne Rudasill is attending a workshop about this next week, in her role as chair of the Web Content Group.


EC recommended that all of the AULs provide an annual report this year, even though Scott is new to his position and Tom Teper is Acting AUL for Collections. Karen will let the AULs know this.


The January 22 nd EC meeting will be rescheduled because most of the Committee will be at ALA.


There was a question about whether retired faculty members could serve on Library committees.  EC agreed that this was not a good idea.  Karen said that any retired faculty member may be contacted to provide input on a topic.


A personnel issue was discussed.


A faculty member had emailed Karen with concerns about the suggested change in process for faculty annual reports.  EC thought that we had discussed this at a summer faculty meeting and those present at the faculty meeting agreed to the new process. The change for this year included asking untenured faculty to submit a dossier along with a cover sheet highlighting activities in Librarianship for that year.  EC agreed that we should go ahead with this change.  Karen will email the faculty member detailing our discussion and recommendations.  FRC also needs guidance on how to evaluate visiting faculty.  EC will discuss this at its meeting on January 8.


4. Nominations for Campus Budget Oversight Committee

EC recommended a name for this committee. Karen will contact the individual.


5. Search Committee for GIS Position

EC suggested names for a search committee. Karen will contact the individuals.


6. ICR Request-Ensemble Project

Discussion postponed until next meeting.


7. Feedback on Policy for Awarding Emeritus/Emerita Status

Discussion postponed until next meeting.


8. December 1 Position Requests-continue discussion

Discussion postponed until next meeting.


9. Revised Charge for the Diversity Committee

EC approved.


10. Review of Search Committee Procedural Guidelines

Discussion postponed until next meeting.


11. Next Steps for Promotion and Tenure

EC agreed that the new PTA Committee should decide on the next steps to follow regarding the November 29 Promotion and Tenure forum led by Janet Keller.