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December 5, 2005

1:30-3:00 pm

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman-chair, Lynne Rudasill-Vice chair, Chris Prom-Secretary, Jane Block, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel, Nancy O’Brien, Lynn Wiley, Kim Reynolds-Recording.


1.        Review and approval of minutes from Nov. 28, 2005

Chris will revise and send out again.  Minutes were approved by acclamation subsequent to the meeting.


2.        Question Time

Lynne passed out a tentative EC calendar and asked that everyone send her any revisions.  Paula has another strong TOPS recommendation. She is preparing the request for the Provost.  One member requested that EC develop a process for looking at requests and position requests submitted to EC in a systematic method.  Many have been submitted in an incremental manner  This has not allowed us to properly evaluate the items as they relate to each other.  Looking at the proposals as a ‘package’ would more adequately address campus strategic planning requirements.


3.        Business Reference Position

The Committee had some questions about the position. Becky Smith will be invited to one of the next meetings.


4.        Recommend P&T Chair

The Committee recommended a chair to Paula. Once she’s heard from the current P&T committee, she will appoint a chair.

5.        Undergrad Library: Team Proposal

Three faculty members submitted a proposal that a team manage administrative tasks for the Undergraduate Library and that a visiting coordinator of circulation and collections be appointed instead of an interim head.  EC members felt the proposal had merit in focusing staff attention on line functions, but that the position of interim head will be necessary to focus future unit plans and services.  Any library faculty member who wishes may apply for the position when it is announced.


6.        Building Hours Policy

The Committee made suggestions regarding the policy .  Paula will discuss the changes with Bob Burger and submit a revised copy to AC for approval.


7.        Associate University Librarian for Services, draft two

EC approved the position description/announcement as submitted.


8.        FRC Review Process (Jane Block)

Jane Block and Kathleen Kluegel will work on some new strategies for the process and bring them back to the Committee.


9.        Assessment Proposal

The Committee sent the proposal back to the Service Advisory Committee for further clarification.   After a list of GA job responsibilities was reviewed subsequent to the meeting, the proposal was approved.