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Executive Committee Meeting

November 7, 2005


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman - Chair, Chris Prom – Secretary, Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel, Lynn Wiley, Nancy O’Brien,  Kim Reynolds - Recorder

Absent: Lynne Rudasill - Vice-chair, Tim Cole


1.   Review and approval of minutes from October 24, 2005

Minutes were approved with a slight change.


2.   Question Time:   

Paula reported that the peer reviewers recommended by EC at the October 24th meeting have agreed to participate.  The Provost has approved the Library’s request to appoint a screening committee for a TOPS candidate.

The CLIR board has approved an extension of the CLIR post doc program.  As a result, the Library will be able to fund a one year appointment.  It was proposed and EC agreed that the runner up from last year’s competition (Education Library) should be funded.  The project will result in the development of an index of anthropological resources.

An EC member asked about rumors that retirees will be forbidden from teaching GSLIS courses.  In response to a request from the Board of Trustees, several campus units including GSLIS are developing a succession plan.  GSLIS will also need to decrease its reliance on adjuncts.

Are joint GSLIS/Library appointments available?  A few possibilities have been suggested, but to date nothing solid has resulted.

A proposal regarding the structure and organization of the Illinois Historical Survey will be forthcoming for EC review.

Sheply Bulfinch will have an initial draft, drawings, and concept of Main Library renovation available by mid-December.  The draft focuses on efficiently moving people through the building to collections, staff, study, and collaboration areas. They expect to have a final report by mid-January.

Nine candidates will be going forward for tenure next year.  EC will need to focus significant attention on identifying paper preparers and faculty editors.  Candidates sometimes consult with their Peer Review Committees and other faculty regarding potential paper preparers, but (as in the past) EC will make a recommendation the University Librarian on appointment of paper preparers.


3.   Strategic Planning Process

      The library has received a variety of requests from the Provost to respond to drafts of the strategic plan.  A paper copy of the draft strategic plan has been distributed.  By Nov. 21, the Library needs to submit a response to the draft campus plan and submit a draft of its ‘unit planning template’ and ‘benchmark analysis.’& amp; amp; amp; amp; #160; In addition, the divisions are working on the SWOT analyses.  Their SWOT analyses will be used in developing the library’s plan, but need not be completed before Nov. 21.


4.   RBSCL Name Change Proposal

      The Special Collections division submitted some additional documentation supporting the name change.  Several members of EC had some additional questions concerning the effect this change would have on the collecting focus of the unit and also on other units in the library.  Valerie Hotchkiss and Bill Maher will be invited to an upcoming meeting to discuss the name change.


5.   Acquisition Librarian

      A proposal/recommendation will be forthcoming to replace Lisa German’s position. The Budget Group has reviewed this and money is available. In addition, the Budget Group is examining a proposal for a head/coordinator of technical services.  This position is in addition to the head of CAM and OPAC Records Coordinator positions that EC recommended be filled through internal reappointment.  The Budget Group will consider it further as other position requests are received.


6.   UGL

      The committee recommended an internal search for the Head of UGL, with the hopes of the person taking over on July 1. Paula will send an e-mail announcing the opportunity to apply for the position as well as news of Joyce's voluntary reassignment to the Development Office.