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Executive Committee Meeting

October 24, 2005


428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman - Chair, Lynne Rudasill - Vice-chair, Chris Prom – Secretary, Jane Block, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel; Visitors – Bob Burger, Nuala Koetter, Tom Teper


1.   Scholarly Commons: Bob Burger

      Bob Burger talked to the committee about the Scholarly Commons report and answered questions. He gave some background about how they came up with the phases and the task force’s vision. The committee will continue discussion on this topic at its next meeting.


2.   Review and approval of minutes from October 12, 2005

      Minutes were approved with a slight change.


3.   Preservation reformatting services: Nuala Koetter, Tom Teper

      Tom and Nuala gave background information on the services that are being offered and their vision for the services they would like to see offered. They answered questions and offered explanation. The committee will continue to discuss this topic.


4.   Peer Review Committees

      Committees were nominated for two faculty.


5.   TOPS candidate

      Another TOPS candidate has been nominated. The committee agreed that the name should be sent forward to the Provost asking permission to assign a Screening Committee.


6.   Question Time

      The committee questioned the new hours and access rules for the main Library. AC will be revisiting this issue.