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October 3 rd, 2005
428 Library 

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair, Lynne Rudasill, Vice-chair, Chris Prom, Secretary, Jane Block, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel, Nancy O’Brien, Lynn Wiley.  Guests: Susan Edwards and Rod Allen


1.        Overview of Budget/Structure

Rod Allen and Susan Edwards distributed the attached handout, a summary of the FY06 Budget.  They noted that they will be in frequent contact with both EC and the Budget Group as the FY 07 Budget is being developed.  Several adjustments had been made to the budget in the last year.  For example, transportation now more closely reflects expected travel costs.  An EC member noted that the decrease in student wages and assistant salaries lessens contact time with Library users. For certain units, the need for assistants had not decreased and may have increased.  Rod and Paula noted that the Budget Group is aware of the problem.  In the past, EC placed a high priority on retaining staff and protecting collections; however, EC and the budget group will look at discrete proposals for the expenditure of one-time student wage money to meet one-time needs.

An EC member asked about the status of loan repayments.  Beginning with the FY07 Budget, three $200,000 Oak St. repayments remain.  In addition, three $100,000 payments for Chemistry Library will begin either FY06 or FY07.  We can prepay if circumstances warrant.

Other questions: 1) Funding for Oak Street Round 2 has passed through Capital review, and will now be considered by the Board of Trustees.  2) Over the next few weeks, Rod and Susan will provide some preliminary figures on how much, if any, money will be available for new faculty hires.  3) There is some possibility the library will be required to pick up excess pension costs.  This would affect only faculty members who retire after salary increases greater than 6% in each of the last two years, and the library may be required to pick up the cost over 6%.  It could be considerable, depending on age at retirement.   4) An EC member pointed out it would be useful to see our grants and endowment income as well, to assess areas for potential growth and/or realignment.  5) There will be no annual Friends competition this year because most Friends money is now designated to a specific unit upon donation.  There is not enough undesignated money to warrant a competition.  6) How are civil service, staff, and faculty requests dealt with?  Past practice has been for the Budget Group to decide on filling requested staff positions.  For AP positions, the Budget Group informs EC of its decision or consults EC if advice is needed.  For faculty positions, the Budget Group provides information on available funding to EC; EC weighs proposals and decides which should be pursued.  7) Other expenditures we may be facing include indirect costs for TOPS hires and a CITES fee ($100,000) for network upgrades.


2.        Minutes

Minutes of the Sept. 26 meeting were approved with two small corrections.


3.        Question Time

Where is the document that compares Faculty, AP, and Staff positions?  This should be located and posted to the EC website.

An EC member reported on questions regarding the status of proposals that EC is considering.  Discussion ensued over the proper time to release proposals.  Tim Cole will be drafting guidelines and EC will discuss further at an upcoming meeting.  Paula Kaufman left the meeting to attend to another matter.


4.        Renaming of Rare Book and Special Collections Library

EC received a proposal from Valerie Hotchkiss to rename the “Rare Book and Special Collections Library” the “Rare Book and Manuscript Library.”  EC discussed the proposal at length, and decided to send the proposal to the Special Collections Division for clarification of several issues relating to the mission and collecting focus of the renamed unit and its relationship to other units in the division.  The secretary will summarize the discussion for Paula, and ask her to contact the Division.


5.        Campus Strategic Planning

EC appointed a subcommittee consisting of Paula Kaufman, Lynne Rudasill, Cindy Ingold, and Chris Prom to formulate a draft response for the Oct. 15 deadline.  The draft will be discussed at the Oct. 12 meeting.