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Executive Committee Minutes

September 2, 2005

12-1:30 pm

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair, Lynne Rudasill, vice-chair, Chris Prom, secretary, Jane Block, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Nancy O’Brien, Lynn Wiley, Kim Reynolds, recorder


Absent: Kathleen Kluegel


1.        Review and approval of minutes from August 22, 2005

Minutes were approved as submitted.


2.        Question Time

Who will be responsible for editing the Promotion & Tenure papers once Bob Burger has retired? The committee will come up with some nominations by January.


The committee would like a report from Library HR about the results of the job descriptions that have been generated. What is the policy and procedure for staff development? The committee would like to look at the status of the staff and talk about putting upgrades in the budget process. We need an investment in staff training and development. These issues will be added as an agenda item and Cindy Kelly will be invited to an EC meeting.


3.        Approval of Turyn Criteria

The criteria were approved with changes. A copy with changes will go out to the committee. Once Paula Kaufman hears from the Foundation that the money is available, she’ll send out a call for proposals.


4.        PTA/FRC Election Dates

The committee discussed a recommendation for revising dates, submitted by Lynn Wiley and Cindy Ingold.  The recommendations had previously been discussed by the members of NEVP, and they were in basic agreement with the recommendations.  The following date changes will be added to the NEVP guidelines currently under development.

PTA – the committee will be in place and elections completed by December 15; a chair will be appointed by January 1

FRC – Division election will take place and members will be in place by December 15; a chair will be appointed by January 1


5.        Review AUL for Services Job Description

The committee suggested some changes to the list of responsibilities and other areas of the proposed description. A search committee will be appointed and will have a chance to make changes to the job description. The committee would like a report from Bob Burger and Paula Kaufman regarding what worked in the position and what didn’t and an overall assessment.  EC nominated some individuals for membership of the search committee.


6.        Minority Services Librarian

A search committee was nominated. The EC would like to see the position reflect more outreach to students and campus constituencies. The committee would also like to discuss who is responsible for delivery once the Multicultural Services Librarian sets up programs in instructional coordination and instructional literacy.


7.        Discuss Earth Systems, Environment and Society Program proposal

Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, and Geology are making a commitment to organize a school even before they can all move into the same building. (The Natural History building has been suggested.) The specific proposal will be voted on by faculty of the affected units in September. 


EC discussed the report submitted by Isabel Sterling and noted that even if the school is not moved to the Natural History Building, we will need to reassess how service is provided to the Units.  EC moved that the Library form a task force to study the report and make recommendations for service changes which might be necessary.  Possible committee members were discussed, and Paula will ask them to serve on the task force. Also a faculty advisory committee will be charged with serving this school and providing for other areas, it will be useful to have a library faculty member on this committee.


8.        Access Services Report


EC began discussing the report in a preliminary fashion.  No recommendations were made, and discussion will be continued at the next meeting.  The recommendations in this report will be related to those under development by the Scholarly Commons task force.


Future items: