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Executive Committee Minutes

August 22, 2005
1:30-3:00 p.m.
Room 428 Library

Present:  Paula Kaufman (Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Vice-Chair), Chris Prom (Secretary), Jane Block, Tim Cole, Nancy O’Brien, Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel, Kim Reynolds (Recording)

Absent:  Lynn Wiley

1.  Review and approval of minutes from August 8, 2005

Minutes were approved as submitted.

2.  Election of Vice Chair and Secretary

      Lynne Rudasill was elected as Vice Chair. Chris Prom was elected as Secretary from August through December 2005. Cindy Ingold was elected as Secretary from January through August 2006.

3.  Signing the Statement on Confidentiality

      Some felt the statement should have an equal emphasis on the importance of sharing non-confidential information with the rest of the faculty.  

There was discussion about the definition of “issues of a confidential nature.” Some felt that in addition to personnel issues, EC should be sensitive to retaining privacy over discussions that had not been fully fleshed out.

The consensus of the Committee was that they have all read the statement and did not feel the need to sign it. The Committee also agreed that increased efforts should be made to circulate non-confidential information.  The statement was adopted by consensus as a Committee Policy.

4.   Question Time

      The question was asked whether we would be able to have any Faculty meetings in 66 Library, now that it has been redone. The room is used for classes most days besides Friday. We will check to see if it is available during breaks for the Faculty meeting.

5.   Peer Review Committee reassignment

      The Committee nominated a Peer Review Committee for a faculty member. Paula Kaufman will contact the individuals and ask them to serve.

      The Committee also discussed processes for ensuring the quality of Peer Review Committee reports. PRC and FTA are looking at the reports more thoroughly and asking PRCs to make changes and enhancements, when necessary.

6.   Review position description for AUL for Services

      The Committee did not have the most up-to-date position description. It will be sent out to all and will be discussed at the next meeting.

7.   Strategic Planning

      The Administrative Council discussed the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) which now is made up of members from each division. AC recommends that we no longer have an SPC in its current form and that AC gather input and develop strategic directions rather than full-blown strategic plans including implementation guidelines.

      The committee discussed the AC recommendation as well as President White’s initiative to develop a strategic plan for the University.  The Chancellor will be sending instructions to the units around September 1.

      EC reviewed the history of the SPC.  Initially the SPC began as a task force. It was then converted to a standing committee. It was suggested that we might want to go back to a task force and that determining the strategic directions was more than should be expected from AC. AC could monitor the directions to determine that they are all being met.  Others suggested this function could be done by EC or by Library Administration.

      It was moved and seconded to “dismiss the Strategic Planning Committee, thanking members for their service.”.  Discussion continued regarding mechanisms for revising the strategic plan and monitoring implementation.   EC members agreed that it would be best to wait to see what the Chancellor’s instructions are and then determine how best to achieve them.  Motion to dismiss the Strategic Planning Committee carried unanimously.

8.   Turyn Criteria

      The estate of Andrew Turyn left a sizeable unrestricted gift to the University Library.  Of this amount, EC allocates $500,000 to be held in an endowment to fund the Andrew Turyn  Professorship. Chris Prom drafted a description, application instructions, and evaluation criteria for this rotating professorship.  We are hoping that it will attract other donors to endow a named professorship or chair.

      There were some suggestions made regarding wording. Chris Prom will make the changes and send the document out to the Committee for adoption at the next meeting.