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June 15, 2006

1:30-3:00 pm

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman-chair, Lynne Rudasill-vice-chair, Chris Prom-secretary, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel, Nancy O'Brien, Lynn Wiley, Kim Reynolds-recording; Visitors: Mary Stuart, Rod Allen


1.        Review and approval of minutes from June 7.

Minutes were approved with changes.


2.        Question Time

The Committee discussed staffing in Reference.

Paula announced the Provost would be meeting with the EC on June 19 at 4:30pm.

The Associate University Librarian for Services search committee finished its report and made a recommendation.

Have the CDC appointments been made. Kim will check.


3.        HPNL Staffing Request, visitor Mary Stuart

Mary discussed with the Committee the changes in her unit and how this position would function.  EC will make a decision on the proposal at its next meeting.


4.        Budget, visitor Rod Allen

Rod brought the new budget to the committee for discussion and recommendations for priorities. The Committee set the priorities for Collections and Facilities. Rod will take the information back to the Budget Group.


5.        Emeritus Recommendations

The recommendations were approved.


6.        PTA Resignation

Subsequent to the meeting, EC received a request from Karen Schmidt to resign her position on PTA.  The request was approved via email, and EC asked NEVP to hold an election to fill a replacement slot.