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May 12, 2006

8:30-10:00 am

413 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman-chair, Chris Prom-secretary, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Nancy O'Brien, Lynn Wiley.  Absent:  Lynne Rudasill-vice-chair, Jane Block, Kathleen Kluegel,


1.      Review and approval of minutes from April 24.

Approved with slight change.


2.      Question Time


Paula will ask Kim to send out a reminder regarding committee volunteers.


An EC member asked Paula to provide some information about the $500,000 state budget grant for digitization activities.  The money is a one-time appropriation and is intended to support some mass digitization of UIUC's collections. In addition to the state funding, other funds are being provided by campus. Talks with the Open Content Alliance about establishing its Midwest scanning center at UIUC are ongoing.


Paula has assembled a working group headed by Karen Schmidt and including Beth Sandore, Mary Stuart, Nuala Koetter, Tim Cole, Betsy Kruger and Tom Teper.  The group will develop a strategy to implement the program and a process of selecting items for digitization.  This process will include subject selectors and university faculty.  It will include digitization of monographs, serials, and special collections.  Since the library was provided this money by a special state appropriation, attention will be paid to developing content as a public service and with some emphasis on Illinois-related content.


Tim Cole raised a series of questions relating to the process of preparing papers for candidates who switch job classifications or responsibilities.  EC discussed these matters as well as the question of appropriate measures for evaluating librarianship in the papers.  Paula and Tim will be meeting with Vice Provost Ruth Watkins to discuss the latter item in more detail and will report back to EC and the Faculty.


3.      Reference Moratorium Exemption

Reference submitted a request to fill the visiting faculty position being vacated by Eric Kraft.  The position had originally been approved for 2 years, and a year remains.  EC granted the exemption request.


4.      Reference Proposal for term appointment

EC considered a request submitted by Beth Woodard.  The reference faculty suggest a three year term appointment for head of reference, to be selected from among the reference faculty by the University Librarian acting with the advice of the unit's faculty.  In keeping with past practice, EC felt the process should be open to applicants from outside the unit and that the division should be consulted about the plan.  EC also advised Paula that a shorter term of appointment seemed advisable and suggested that the incumbent should be charged with planning for the transition to the Scholarly Commons in conjunction with other faculty.  Paula will consult with the division coordinator/advisory committee and report back to EC. 


5.      Draft Strategic Plan

The Committee discussed some revisions to Paula's draft and made several additional suggestions.  Chris Prom will begin drafting an additional section regarding sustainability.



6.      Sabbatical Replacement Policy

Should 'acting' titles and/or stipends be given when faculty take on additional responsibilities during their colleagues sabbaticals?  EC discussed the issue briefly and charged Chris Prom with drafting some language to reflect the consensus of the discussion, for review at an upcoming meeting


7.      AULs Evaluation

Deferred to next meeting.