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February 6, 2006

1:30-3:00 pm

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman-chair, Chris Prom-secretary, Jane Block, Tim Cole, Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel, Nancy O'Brien, Lynn Wiley, Kim Reynolds-recording


1.        Review and approval of minutes from Jan 9 and Jan 13 2006

Minutes were approved with changes.


2.        Question Time

What did we decide to do about the position requests that we received recently? We will add this issue to the parking lot. The BEL position will be addressed since we've already discussed it and Becky Smith has met with the Committee.


Where will the new Diversity Librarian have an office? In UGL but the position will report to the AUL for Services.


Some concerns were raised concerning communication on requests submitted to the Facilities Office.  Unit heads would like to receive a timeline for specific projects and/or periodic updates, even if the update is just a status quo report.  Paula will talk to Bob Burger and mention the issue to Jeff Schrader.  Facilities is attempting to implement a help ticket system similar to systems office, which should help it track the many requests it receives.


The Committee would like to invite the Library HR director to a meeting in the near future to talk about staff development and advancement. Cindy Kelly will be invited to the February 20 meeting.


3.        Head of Undergraduate

The Committee received and reviewed two applications and will conduct separate interviews with each candidate.


4.        Peer Review Committee Reassignment

An untenured faculty member requested that one of their PRC members be replaced. The committee made a recommendation and Paula will contact the individual .


5.        Technical Services Division (TSD) Visiting AP Position Description

Lynn Wiley wanted to make the Committee aware that TSD is hiring this visiting position for one year. They want a visiting position until the permanent Head of Acquisitions is hired and they see what needs arise with Michael Norman as the new Head of CAM and Naun Chew as the new OPAC Records Coordinator.


6.        BEL Position

After discussion, the committee denied the request to fill the position..


7.        Strategic planning process/next steps

The Committee will be scheduling a special meeting to discuss all the reports.