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Executive Committee Meeting

November 8, 2004
428 Main Library

Present: Paula Kaufman, Chair, Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, Janis Johnston, Kathleen Kluegel, and Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Lynn Wiley

1.      Approval of the November 1, 2004 minutes

Minutes from the November 1, 2004 meeting were approved after reviewing the text on the candidates’ package contents.

2.      Question Time

Jane Block read from a UI publication, an excerpt from an article covering a recent speech of Acting Chancellor Herman that included a reference to a renewed emphasis on the Arts and Humanities. Professor Block inquired about any follow-up on that within the Library. A discussion followed that recommended that the CDC be told, and that noted a need for a clear directive on funding changes such as may happen at the Deans level before proceeding on a definitive path. Block noted that reference to campus initiatives in the sciences had been a factor in the 2% fund reallocation this past year and noted that she had passed the text on to CDC already. A general discussion on campus directives regarding the disciplines followed. The thread of the discussion was how to cover all that is currently done while adding the new.  Members agreed that this would be a topic for a longer discussion at a future EC meeting.

The recent library disasters in Germany and Hawaii prompted discussion on  preparedness. It was noted what was being accomplished by Tom Teper, and noted that it was important all units work with him.

Paula reported on the Natural History Survey library plans to move to the Research Park with comments on the large provision of space for collections. At one time consolidation of all the survey libraries was being considered but that currently only INHS library is moving to the new space. Those collections are not currently in the OPAC and require further discussion. This also prompted discussion on the collections’ move and the impact to users outside of the Survey. The Library pays for the collection in the Natural History survey but not for the physical space, equipment, or staffing. Implications for the print move will need to be reviewed.

3. Rollback request

EC reviewed documentation relevant to two requests and approved them.

4. Strategic Plan Implementation Discussion

Postponed, EC did agree that Diane Schmidt as chair of that group should be informed that the goals outlined in that document were endorsed, but that all action pertaining to implementation of these goals should cease until the Administrative Council finalizes its decision concerning the plan.

5. Library Policies webpage

Kim Reynolds upon request had put together a list of policy statements culled from the Library web pages. EC agreed that the library needed one place to keep these and that the list was too long. Kathleen suggested that a database could be developed that would not only store the text but keep a record of maintenance and updates and who was responsible should questions arise. EC members agreed that this would be a good project. All were advised to review the list supplied by Kim to be ready to decide on the content for that database at the next EC meeting.

6. Possible 0% Time Appointment

The recommendation that Professor Mara Wade, Associate Professor of Germanic Languages & Literature be given a 0% appointment in the Library was approved by EC after a brief discussion. EC noted that this would be brought to the Library faculty for their approval at the next meeting. Paula noted that she would send a message out with information on Professor Wade’s C.V. prior to that meeting. Professor Wade has an extensive background in librarianship and has contributed substantially to a number of library efforts and most recently to the German Emblem project.

This matter reminded the membership that with Paula away for the Faculty meeting on the 17 th, we needed someone to chair that meeting. Lynne Rudasill as secretary would do that if available.

7. Korean Librarian

Postponed as John Unsworth arrived for discussion (EC later approved the search committee for this one-year visiting position by email)

8. John Unsworth /EC discussion

John Unsworth joined EC for a discussion on developing a program for affiliate faculty appointments between the Library and GSLIS. Professor Unsworth spoke on the possible benefits for the GSLIS program including a better ability to plan for the continuation of core courses, more advising possibilities especially for PhD students, the potential collaboration that would result as well as the perspective that GSLIS faculty could bring to applications being developed at the libraries. EC members discussed how this may work and what the difference may mean for those librarians that serve as Adjunct Faculty now. One difference would be that anyone in a joint appointment would have their salary paid jointly with no extra funds going directly to those teaching as happens now. The library would be able to plan for covering the GSLIS appointment time
using the saved salary monies as appropriate. EC members noted the need for discussion covering policy and management issues. The next step in this process is for the University Librarian to join the GSLIS faculty for a discussion there. After that groups will be formed to work on the development of this proposal.


The meeting adjourned at 3pm.