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October 19, 2004

Present – Paula Kaufman (Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Cindy Ingold, Janis Johnston, Kathleen Kluegel, William Maher, Lynn Wiley

Minutes - The minutes of the Sept. 27, 2004 meeting were approved.

  Question Time -

 1.  Paula Kaufman distributed the ICR fund statement to members of the Executive Committee.

 2.  Some problems with the operation of Expresso Royale were discussed including noise and empty boxes impeding access.  Complaints should be forwarded to Jeff  Schrader.  The Library has received approximately $15,000 as  part of the agreement with Expresso to operate in the area.

 3.  The revamp of the tunnel is an undergraduate project currently being overseen by a faculty member in Art and Design.

 4.  There was a question concerning placement of exhibit cases in the Marshall Gallery This is being investigated.

 5.  Problems syncing between Corporate Time and PDAs were discussed.  These include a need for assistance in synching a variety of PDAs and problems with lost information on those already synched.  Paula Kaufman will talk to Beth Sandore about this.


  Faculty Meetings

 The Executive Committee will present the following proposal to the faculty for consideration -

 Library Faculty Meetings will be held seven times per academic year on the following schedule:

 Other meetings could be called as needed.

  Strategic Plan

The EC approved a motion to adopt the goals of the strategic plan with sincere thanks to Diane Schmidt and the members of the Strategic Planning Committee.  The Executive Committee awaits the final recommendations of the Administrative Council concerning the future of the strategic planning committee.

A personnel matter was discussed.   Lynn Wiley reported on her conversation with this individual.

  Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee forwarded a revised version of the Library Bylaws along with the list of previously approved changes to this document, as well as wording that will keep the Bylaws compliant with the requirements of the Faculty/Student Senate of the campus.  The corrected document, along with any items that require amendment by the Library faculty, will be brought forward to the full faculty by the Bylaws Committee  in the near future.

  Short-term Faculty Appointments – 

Paula Kaufman will share an announcement with the Library faculty concerning the request for proposals for short-term appointments to strengthen the International Dimension announced by Earl Kellogg of International Programs and Studies.  Requests will be accepted by the Executive Committee, with electronic delivery no later than noon, November 29th for review at the December 1 meeting.  Collaborative proposals are seriously encouraged.

Candidate Packages – 

The information packet currently being provided to the candidate applying to the University Library was reviewed.  Members of the Executive Committee were asked to bring a list or hard copy of items they would like to see included in this packet.

Lynne Rudasill will not be present for the meeting on November 1 or November 8.  In her place, Lynn Wiley will perform the duties of the secretary for the November 1 meeting and Cindy Ingold will fill in for the November 8 meeting.

Topics for Future Meetings:

FRC/PTA issues

Administrative Council reconfiguration