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Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes – September 27, 2004


Present:  Paula Kaufman (Chair), Bill Mischo (Vice-Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, Janis Johnston, Kathleen Kluegel, William Maher,  Lynn Wiley


1.  Minutes from the Executive Committee Meeting of September 13, 2004 were approved.


2.  Discussion of the Future of the Reference Library


Bob Burger was invited to the meeting to discuss the future of the Reference Library.  He shared a vision of what that library could or should become - first, from an internal, physical perspective of the reference room as a grand physical space and, second, from the perspective of that library’s relationship to other units in the organization. 


Jo Kibbee later joined the meeting to articulate her view of the Reference Library as a service point for the immediate and distant future.  Jo shared general information concerning virtual or chat reference, collection usage, user population, collection development, and instructional sessions. 


3.  Request to fill a position -The request for the position of Librarian for Digital Resources and Reference (a reconfiguration of the position formerly held by Wei Ma) was approved.  


4.  Question time – The topic of alternative funding issues was raised again.  Work is being done in the area and it may be time to put the question back on the table with the campus once again.


A question about parking in the metered lot on the days there are football games was raised. Paula explained that DIA provides staff to control access to the lot for Library staff and users. The space considerations will no doubt get worse if the campus uses the metered lot for overflow when the parking near the Newman Center is shifted to make way for construction of a central campus parking deck and equipment used to repair the Main Library roof must be allocated in the lot.  


Can the Executive Committee review the standard packet that is sent out to candidates for positions at the Library?  This item was placed on the list for a future meeting.


The Bylaws Committee is examining the changes that might need to be made to the document in accordance with the Executive Committee’s suggestions for reconfiguring the Administrative Council.


Some students have expressed concern about having their pictures taken in the Library.  Some are concerned due to religious reasons, privacy reasons, and as a repercussion of the Patriot Act.  What is the university/library policy on picture taking on the premises?


5.  Discussion of frequency of Faculty Meetings – The Executive Committee will be polled regarding two models that were proposed to reduce the number of faculty meetings.  The need for more efficient dissemination of reports for faculty meetings or perhaps in lieu of faculty meetings was discussed as well. 


Topics for Future Meetings


Discussion of faculty response to the Strategic Plan

Review of information package sent to Candidates