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Executive Committee Meeting

August 8, 2005

1:30-3:00 p.m.

Room 428


Present:  Paula Kaufman (Chair), Bill Mischo (Vice-Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, Janis Johnston, Kathleen Kluegel, Kim Reynolds (Recording), Lynn Wiley


Absent:  William Maher


Minutes:  Minutes of the July 13 meeting were approved.  Minutes of the July 25 meeting were approved.


Question Time:  A motion was made and passed to approve emerita status for Sharon Clark upon the approval of the faculty.


Rod Allen is slowly recovering and would appreciate any cards or letters from his colleagues.  Susan Edwards has agreed to continue as Acting Director of Business Operations and Management Information during Rod’s absence.


Lynn Wiley has agreed to serve as Technical Services Division Coordinator for the duration of her appointment as Acting Head of Acquisitions.  


Promotions and Tenure Committee Replacement – With the departure of Lisa German, a position is open on the Promotion and Tenure Committee for the duration of less than six months.  The Executive Committee has suggested a name to fill this position.


Peer Review Committee Assignments were updated, and it was noted that as many as five new members of the faculty may have to have committees assigned to them in the coming year.


Discussion ensued concerning quality control on all Promotion and Tenure Peer Review Committees.  It was decided to include presentations on the methods and approaches of a good PRC at the next meeting of the tenured faculty to help increase the general understanding of how to work with a candidate.  Examples of well written PRC sections of the candidates’ dossiers will also be shared.


Statement on Confidentiality and Communication between the EC and the Library Faculty –< /strong> Discussion of this issue was continued from the last meeting of the EC.  Paula Kaufman will share the statement on confidentiality and the following paragraph with the members of the faculty via LIBFAC-L:


The Executive Committee has reviewed the “Confidentiality Statement” that had been agreed by all members in 2004. Based on our experience working with the kinds of issues that come before the Executive Committee and based on our commitment to the role of the faculty in the governance of the Library, we believe that the statement provides a balanced guideline. We recognize the Executive Committee’s responsibility to keep the Library Faculty informed of the issues that come before it even if it may not always be possible to share all details on every issue. At the same time, we would hope that faculty recognize that the nature of Executive Committee business is such that certain topics may not be sufficiently developed to warrant general communication at all times.


Paula and the continuing members of the Executive Committee thanked Bill Mischo, Janis Johnston, and William Maher for their service to the committee and the Library.