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July 13, 2005
11:30-12:00 p.m.
428 Library



Present:  Paula Kaufman (Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, William Maher, Lynn Wiley, Kim Reynolds (Recording)


Absent:  Bill Mischo, Kathleen Kluegel, Janis Johnston


Guests:  Joyce Wright, Bob Burger


Discussion of Diversity Services/Multicultural Services Librarian – Joyce Wright described her perception of the current work of the Diversity Services Librarian.  The work of this individual included doing some outreach with and through the Office of Minority Student Affairs, association with the residence hall libraries, and reference and instruction in the Undergraduate Library as part of the team in that unit.  She had taken over a large part of the instruction load in the unit during the vacancy for that position, and supervised the periodicals area of the Undergraduate Library when Wright was on sabbatical.   Wright indicated that she thought the position was very relevant to the work done in the Undergraduate Library and would like to keep the position there.  She provided the Executive Committee with a rationale and proposal for a position that might be called the Multicultural Outreach Librarian or the Multicultural Services Librarian.  Similar positions exist on other large campuses.  The position as originally articulated several years ago was called a multicultural librarian, but this changed to a Diversity Services Librarian.  Wright would like to see the position doing more outreach to various groups on campus.  Instruction would be limited to undergraduates and no collection development duties would be included in the charge.


The Executive Committee then briefly discussed the proposal with Bob Burger.  He indicated a necessity to be somewhat more specific with the description of duties for the position.  He also indicated concern about the overlap in this position with other ethnic studies programs that are currently available on campus, expressing a desire to see that collaboration, not conflict, is engendered.  Discussion also led to a consideration of the role of this position relating to a Diversity Services Committee.  The first two years for anyone in this position were seen as critical to its success and therefore instruction and reference were seen as not as crucial during this time.  It was mentioned that this position embodies the outreach librarian model that is evolving in the Library and that someone capable of doing this type of networking and outreach would be vital to the success of the position.


Further discussion was postponed for later in the agenda.


Minutes of the June 13 and June 23 Executive Meetings – The minutes of the June 13 meeting were approved.  The minutes of the June 23 meeting were approved.  Minutes of the special meetings of the Executive Committee over the past month will be submitted for approval at the next regularly scheduled EC meeting.


Question time – No questions.


Discussion of a TOPS prospect – There was some discussion of the focus of the proposed position, although general consensus was that it would provide many things that would be very important to many of the faculty.  The Executive Committee voted unanimously to rearticulate the focus of the position and appointed a Screening Committee.


Guidelines for Electronic Balloting – At the last regular meeting, the Executive Committee questioned why the Guidelines for Electronic Balloting did not include mention of the option to initial the voting list near the ballot box if one was voting in person.  The NEVP Chair indicated that this option would be eliminated.  In discussing the option it was discovered that on at least one occasion in the past, individuals have failed to initial the voting list when balloting, thus nullifying of the votes cast in this manner.  Confidentiality of the ballot is ensured both through electronic voting and by using the mail option.  The Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse the Guidelines without the inclusion of the in-person ballot.  It was also suggested that the NEVP consider the time delay in receiving mailed ballots in their deadlines.


Executive Committee Discussion of the Diversity Services Librarian Position -  In the course of further discussion of this position Lynn Wiley and Cindy Ingold were asked to work with Bob Burger to further articulate the position description.  The Executive Committee voted unanimously not to approve a visiting position at this time.


Committee Assignments – Lynne Rudasill is preparing the materials necessary for committee assignments for next year and will distribute the results to the Executive Committee before the next meeting.  This process needs to be articulated in the Executive Committee Calendar that is being prepared.


ICR Funds Policy – William Maher brought the revisions to the UIUC Library Policy on the Distribution of Grant ICR Monies back to the Executive Committee for consideration.  In paragraph four of the above captioned document, Maher suggested the wording be changed from “25% for seed money for institutional research that might lead to future grants” to “25% for seed money for institutional research that might lead to future grants or for new or improved Library programs and services.”  The same change should be reflected in the Guidelines for the Distribution of ICR Grant Seed Money.  These revisions were approved by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.