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Executive Committee Special Meeting

Executive Committee Special Meeting

July 6, 2005 – 1:00-2:00 p.m. – 428 Library


Present:  Bill Mischo (Vice-Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel, William Maher, Lynn Wiley, Kim Reynolds (Recording)


Absent:  Paula Kaufman, Jane Block, Janis Johnston


Guests:  Susan Edwards, Bob Burger


The Executive Committee met in special session on July 6, 2005 to discuss the proposed budget for the 2005-2006 academic year.  Burger and Edwards answered questions concerning the budget and the documents that were provided. 


Bob Burger indicated that since some funds for student wages were not spent out, there would be a change in the way these lapsed funds would be treated.  At 96% spent, projections were made to indicate what the end of year final expenditure would be.  $500 was deducted from this figure and 60% of the remainder was taken to determine the amount to be cut.  If the under-spent amount was less than $100, the fund was not cut.   The Executive Committee was in general agreement with this process.


The budget documents were explained and issues surrounding the various expenditures were discussed.  The final figures for the budget depend in large part upon the necessity of holding back a 2% rescission until late spring.  It was emphasized that for very real and practical reasons, being allowed to spend these monies so late in the fiscal year, as has happened in the past, does not allow us to take full advantage of the funds.  It was suggested that the administration be approached to determine 1) if it will actually be necessary to withhold these funds, and 2) the possibility of knowing at an earlier date the availability of these funds.  The Executive Committee approved a motion that would direct the expenditure of any additional funds to collections money.  The motion was approved with one member voting present.


Further discussion of the annual review of the University Librarian will be taken up at the next special meeting of the Executive Committee on July 12, 2005.