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Executive Committee Meeting

June 23, 2005
10:30 – 12:00 p.m.
251 UGL


Present:  Paula Kaufman (Chair), Bill Mischo (Vice-Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, Janis Johnston, Kathleen Kluegel, William Maher


Absent:  Lynn Wiley


Guest:  Dana Wright, Undergraduate Library


Discussion with Diversity Services Librarian – Dana Wright attended the meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss her current position and to provide the Committee with information concerning her vision of what the position might be in the future and its place in the organization.  She has seen some shift in the reaction of some students to services that are seen as “specialized” for target populations.  Dana noted that the focus of the position, as it was written, was the undergraduate population, and perhaps this was not realistic.  A tension exists between specific services to the undergraduate student and larger initiatives.  The outreach component of the position seemed to take over the other aspects of the job and reflects what Wright later indicated was a conceptual ideal for this position.  She indicated that if the money is tied to this position, it is not necessary to hang on to “diversity” because however you define multicultural it is more important to provide services and this might be better achieved working with higher level units such as student associations.  It was noted by others that most of the student organizations are forming around curricular bases.  It was also suggested that this position be thought of as providing “transition services” emphasizing acculturation, resources, etc.


Dana concluded with the suggestion that the individual in this position work very closely with the residence hall libraries.  She also advocated that the position remain in the Undergraduate Library, but work more closely with the Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction. 


Final comments by committee members emphasized that this isn’t one person in one job, but that all library faculty have a responsibility for reaching out to our undergraduate populations.  There needs to be greater focus on early outreach.  Also, the crux of what needs to be addressed is more diversity in our own ranks, and more diversity training in the library.  The focus of the position should remain on students in their first two years on our campus.


Minutes -  Several changes and corrections were made to the minutes of the June 13 meeting and they will be incorporated and the minutes resubmitted at the next meeting.


Question Time – A special meeting will be called for the purpose of discussing the Library budget for the coming year with Susan Edwards and Bob Burger.


The paperwork for a TOPS appointment was sent forward and it is too early to try to predict the likelihood of its success.


A request was made to get the agenda out earlier for the Executive Committee meetings.


Personnel Issues – Referees were selected for a tenure candidate.


A peer review committee change was made.


Guidelines for the Use of Electronic Balloting – The Guidelines were discussed, and two suggestions were made for changes. 


First, under Section II, the suggestion was made to change sentence two to read, “Vote tallies will be released to any candidate requesting the results from the NEVP.”  It was felt that an individual should be able to find out how many votes she or he had received in an election.  A vote on the change was affirmative.


Second, under Section III, a) – a question was asked concerning how voting in person should be reflected since these ballots would not be returned in envelopes.


Evaluation of the position of Coordinator for Staff Development and Training – General consensus exists that this is a successful and valuable program that should be maintained.  Until more funding can be found for the position, it will remain as a half-time appointment.  More secretarial support will be sought for the position and it will remain under the aegis of the Office for Services for the present, although other configurations might be considered in the future.  Concern was expressed about some of the work being done by a faculty member when it might be more appropriate for classified staff employment.