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Executive Committee Meeting

Executive Committee Meeting on the Evaluation of the University Librarian

June 14, 2005


Present:  Lynne Rudasill (convener), Lynn Wiley, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel (note-taker)


Evaluation of UL – Process:


We reviewed the broad categories used in the 5-year review survey:   Personnel, Librarianship, External Relations, Administration, Leadership, EEO/Affirmative Action, Overall Assessment.


The structure of the letter that went to the Provost was organized into the following broad areas:  Within the Library, Across the Campus, Beyond the Campus, and Future Directions.


We decided it will be helpful to look at the 5-year survey factors as areas of evaluation to consider and to organize the letter along the lines of the 5-year letter.


In other years, including the 5-year review year, the UL has given the EC a self-assessment.  The EC would like this to be an annual expectation for the UL.


Once the EC has written the letter to the Provost, it is the Provost’s decision about what if any of the information is to be shared with the UL.  The EC does not have any knowledge of that discussion.  In the past, a couple members of the EC have met with the UL to share aspects of the annual evaluation.


It is important for the EC to put structures in place to guarantee the timely completion of the annual review process. The call for review from the Provost should come by March

It is the responsibility of EC to contact the Provost’s office if the call has not been received by March

The review is due to the Provost on May

A calendar with date of self-assessment of the UL will be developed by EC in consultation with the UL.  EC will meet to discuss the self-assessment as part of its evaluation process.


An item for the EC agenda parking lot is the development of an EC calendar including committee assignments, PRC assignments, external evaluator selection for promotion and tenure, as well as the annual reviews of the AULs and the UL.