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Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes – June 13, 2005

Main Library - Room 428

Present:  Paula Kaufman (Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Kimberley Reynolds (Recording), Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, Janis Johnston, Kathleen Kluegel, William Maher, Lynn Wiley

Absent: Bill Mischo

1.    Approval of the Minutes - The minutes of the June 8 Executive Committee meeting were approved with changes.

2.   Question Time -  The checklists for incoming committee chairs of the Promotion and Tenure and Faculty Review Committees are being finalized.


An orientation will be held for anyone appointed to a Peer Review Committee who hasn’t gone through our tenure process.


Work continues on the discovery of position titles in the University Library and a proposal will be ready for the Executive Committee to review in the near future.


Kim Reynolds is working on creating a staff organization chart.


A question was asked about the possibility of receiving an interim report to the Executive Committee from the advisory group formed to assist with the merger of the History and Philosophy Library and the Newspaper Library.


Regarding the change in Library Bylaws to allow electronic ballots, the Executive Committee unanimously recommends to the Nominations, Elections, & Voting Procedures Committee that these changes be read and brought to a vote by the Library Faculty.  The Executive Committee also recommends that the NEVP bring the guidelines developed for this purpose to the Library Faculty for a vote.


3.    ICR monies expenditures/Services Award Request – In response to a request from the Advisory Committee to the University Librarian for Services, it was noted that only one other request was received for the use of these monies after the original call went out.  The availability of these monies should be promoted more widely and perhaps the use of these funds needs to be better understood by potential grantees.  A call for proposals using these funds will be made on a semi-annual basis. The Guidelines for the Distribution of ICR Grant Seed Money needs to have some wording changed in the second paragraph. Bill Maher will work on the Guidelines and bring back proposed wording changes for the next meeting.

4.    Access Strategies Task Force Report Recommendations -  
In addition to reaction from the Library Faculty at the May 18  faculty meeting, several other concerns had been expressed about the recommendations:

·        the size of the new teams being developed,

·        the importance of full and frequent communication of the work of the teams with those involved in public service delivery,

·        and,  concern about the implementation of the tools being suggested for user access.


As a response to these concerns, the Executive Committee suggested the following:

·        recognition that several new teams are being formed but several of the old teams will be disbanded,

·        teams will be charged to give demonstrations and to communicate often regarding their progress,

·        as a sunset provision, the teams will have one year to organize and assess the effectiveness of the work being done in this manner.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the Access Strategies Task Force Report.  The motion passed with one voting opposed.


5.    Budget Implementation Task Force Report Recommendations – Discussion about the recommendations of this report were wide ranging, but pointed to the fact that, at this point in time, getting funds and using them more effectively is central to success in implementation.  Kathleen Kluegel and Jane Block will review the document and suggest priorities for the Executive Committee to endorse.  They will take into consideration the suggestions the faculty made at a previous faculty meeting.  Input from Committee members is welcomed.  In a related area, Paula Kaufman has asked Abby Smith to return to our campus this fall to consult with individuals from the University Library and the larger community of scholars about the library of the future.


6.  John ‘Bud’ Velde Gift – After receiving a revised proposal for expenditures of the Velde gift, the Executive Committee discussed the intent and distribution of these monies.  A motion was made to create the John ‘Bud’ Velde Scholar in Library Preservation Administration.  A motion on this matter was made, seconded, and passed with one abstention.


In a related matter, Velde funds for a visiting scholar program were reduced and the funds were added to a collection endowment in Rare Books and Special Collections.  A motion to this effect was made, seconded, and passed with one opposed.


7.  Andrew Turyn Gift – The Turyn family has given extensive correspondence in Polish, Spanish, Italian, and other languages to the University Library.  The first priority will be to make the Turyn collections accessible.  An endowed professorship supported by the funds from this gift was suggested, with a five-year term so that it would periodically become available as something to aspire to.  A motion to approve the allocation was made, seconded, and passed with one abstention.  Paula Kaufman and Janis Johnston will work on the criteria for the professorship.