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Executive Committee Meeting

April 11, 2005
1:30-3:00 p.m.
428 Main Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman (Chair), Bill Mischo (Vice-Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Cindy Ingold, Kathleen Kluegel, William Maher, Lynn Wiley


1.  Minutes - The minutes of the March 28, 2005 meeting were approved with editorial corrections.


2.  Question Time – In answer to a question about the visit of the library architects, Paula Kaufman indicated that the event was scheduled by the firm to receive some initial input prior to planning.  The short notice on the meeting was because the firm wanted to make an initial visit without a lot of prior input.  They will be back during the first week in May to begin work in earnest, and their final report is due in August.  They have been asked to include the Undergraduate Library along with the Main Library in their deliberations on what these library spaces could become.    A great deal of faith was expressed concerning the firm’s ability to think creativity, and discussions thus far have shown the thoughtfulness that is expected on the part of the architects.


There was a brief discussion on the theme of faculty governance.


Paula Kaufman told the Committee that President Joseph White was in the Library on March 21.  Kaufman and White visited the Education and Social Science Library and Main Stacks.  The President was not very knowledgeable about preservation, but listened carefully to information provided about some of the problems with library materials.  Paula shared the concept of the collection as a deteriorating investment with him.  They discussed multiple copies and when the President suggested withdrawing them, Paula shared the difficulty of withdrawing state property as well as the costs of doing this type of project.  Preliminary ARL figures indicate that the University Library is still third in number of volumes, but only ahead of the University of Toronto by 159,000 volumes.  This issue is likely to be raised again by the Senate Library Committee.  The Acting Chancellor indicated that withdrawal of items was not an option when he was serving as Provost. 


A message from Tim Cole recommended that an advisory system for individuals who are hired into our system from other “cultures” so that they might receive some mentoring concerning our tenure process.


3.  Rollback Requests -  The rollback request that had been continued from prior meetings was approved.  Another request was returned to the candidate for more information.


Changes in visa approvals have caused problems for the University Library.  At least two individuals have been negatively impacted by these changes and options are being explored to alleviate these situations. 


4. Vision for the Future of the Reference Library - Discussion ensued concerning the vision statement provided to the Executive Committee by the Reference Library. A variety of issues were identified during this discussion. The statement provided did not clearly articulate a vision for the unit’s future. The transitional nature of resources has had an impact on the Reference Library. The Executive Committee reviewed the request to reconsider its decision to cancel the search for a Digital Reference Librarian. A one-year temporary position in the unit was approved, and the hope was expressed that the members of the Reference Library and the Executive Committee could meet to further discuss the vision of the members of that unit.


5.  Spousal Hire – A screening committee was convened to meet with a spousal hire candidate and an appropriate placement for this position was suggested.


6.  Budget Implementation Task Force – Discussion format at the Faculty Meeting 

After discussion of various options for the presentation of priorities from the BITF report at the next faculty meeting, it was decided that members of the faculty be asked to create a list of 5 items they would like to see happen and 5 items that are the least important to them from the Executive Summary.  The individual’s choices should be forwarded to the Faculty Secretary for compilation and the items with the most “votes” will be discussed at the faculty meeting.


7.  Academic Professional/Faculty Status Statement -  Kluegel will update the document and redistribute it to the Executive Committee.


8.  Discussion of Faculty Governance – Issues from the statement circulated by Al Kagan concerning faculty governance were explored by the Executive Committee.


A special meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on Monday, May 2 to discuss evaluations of the Associate University Librarians and provide input to Paula Kaufman concerning these individuals.