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Executive Committee Meeting

March 9, 2005

1:30-3:00 p.m.


Present:  Paula Kaufman (Chair), Bill Mischo (Vice-Chair), Lynne Rudasill (Secretary), Jane Block, Cindy Ingold, Janis Johnston, Kathleen Kluegel, William Maher, Lynn Wiley, Kim Reynolds (Recording)


1.  Minutes – Minutes of the February 22, 2005 meeting were approved with changes.


2.  Question Time – Both the Executive Committee meeting minutes and the Faculty meeting minutes were discussed.  William Maher was asked to mentor and advise the Secretary of the Faculty in the preparation of minutes for that body’s meeting.  It was suggested that where possible URLs to pertinent documents, and written reports be provided for the Secretary of the Faculty in a timely manner for the preparation of minutes.


Paula Kaufman reported that the appointment of a committee to work on the implementation of the merger between the History and Philosophy Library and the Newspaper Library is complete.  A schedule for the implementation and a draft report on the process will also be developed soon.


3.  Rollback Request - Decision on a rollback request was deferred until further information could be made available.


4.  Faculty Meeting of February 16 - Untenured faculty members had expressed some concern about the tenor of the discussions at this meeting.  The Executive Committee discussed how to best foster collegial communication among faculty members. Untenured faculty members are encouraged to speak up at faculty meetings. 


In a related matter, the Executive Committee discussed the place of the divisions, and the faculty-as-a-whole in the process of policy and decision-making.


5.  Budget Implementation Task Force Report – The Committee initiated discussion of the Task Force report with the hope that the Library would be able to move in a variety of ways to implement the plans proposed.  Clarification was requested on several matters and several suggestions were made.  The EC would like to see a brief summary of the recommendations, as well as a list of the task forces that might need to be appointed.


Kathleen Kluegel made a motion to remove consideration of the move from Dewey to LC Classification from the report’s suggestions. Jane Block seconded the motion. In discussion that ensued, Lynn Wiley recommended that the Executive Committee ask for a brief report from Lisa German on the rationale for a switch to LC. The resulting vote was 3 to remove and 4 not to remove consideration of this change from the report. Paula Kaufman will ask Lisa German to provide a brief report to the EC regarding the rationale for this change.


Paula Kaufman will forward a three-page executive summary of the report to members of the Executive Committee.  The process of implementing the recommendations of the Budget Implementation Task Force will be discussed at the next meeting.


6.  Vision for a Language and Literature Library – Kathleen Kluegel discussed a proposal she and Tom Kilton had drawn up to change the current Reference Room into a Language and Literature Library, combining the resources of the two units they now head.  This meshes with several other current movements to provide better, more cost-effective service to our users, as well as initiatives taking place in several academic departments toward consolidation.  Due to time constraints, the EC will continue discussions on this matter in the future.